Sunday, September 4

Nutty for Nail Polish (IFB Project #12)

I am a nail polish junkie. I can't help it. I love subtle accessories, and what's more subtle than a splash of colour on your nails?! So when I saw that IFB Project #12 was all about nails, I was SO onboard. I didn't always sport square, painted nails. For a long time I hid my stubby and torn fingers, keeping away from polish so as to not draw more attention to my shame. I had honestly given up on the idea of ever overcoming my nail-biting habit when I stumbled upon Vendetta by Chanel.

my nail polish collection

Since then I have been obsessed with matte polish, every shade of dark purple or grey, finding the perfect red, pairing the OPI Shatter with each polish I own to find the perfect combo, and now, the accent nail. 
When I first jumped onto the accent nail train three weeks ago, I had no idea that it would quickly become my newest obsession!

Right now, my favourite way to wear my accent nail is with the neon&neutral trend. So far I've paired You Don't Know Jacques with Charged Up CherryOver the Taupe with Flit a Bit, and French Quarter for Your Thoughts with Essie's Turquoise & Caicos (below). As someone who admires new trends from a far, I have been loving the opportunity to play with neons and neutrals without committing to a big purchase or wearing something I may not be completely comfortable with. 

For the fall, I cannot wait to start playing around with new ways to accent. Right now  I practically drool every time I see the new OPI Touring America collection. My top picks from this collection are: French Quarter for Your Thoughts, Honk if you Love OPI, Uh oh Roll Down Your Window and Road House Blues. BUT if I'm honest, I would buy every single colour in a second ...if Jack would let me.

  • Accent nail choice - When choosing the "accent" nail, anything goes. You could do only one of your ten nails, or one nail per hand. Being newly engaged, I am a BIG FAN of making my ring finger the "accent" each time.
  • How to accent - This can be as subtle or jump-out-at-you obvious, as you would like. I fall somewhere in the middle since 90% of my nails are neutral. Some possible options are:
    • using a nail art pen
    • shatter over one nail
    • a nail sticker or nail gem
    • try a trend (e.g. neons&neutrals, polka dots)
    • if your nails are matte, paint a shimmery clear over your accent nails 
    • if your nails are shimmery, use a matte version over your accent nails
    • stick to the classics and choose colours you like that either subtly blend in, or create an exciting contrast.

Make sure you check out the rest of the nail fun over at the IFB Project #12 link list.


  1. I really like the idea of the accent nail! The colors you used were subtle, but really classy and pretty too. Love it :)

  2. Love your colors - I think I need You Don't Know Jacques, too!

  3. I've definitely been embracing the accent nail trend too! I adore the way you combined You Don't Know Jacques and Turquoise & Caicos. I happen to have both colors, so I will need to try this asap!

  4. I love all your nail polishes! so pretty :)

  5. you should! it is one of my favourite accent nail combos yet!

  6. do you ever! it is my all time favourite polish!

  7. Thanks so much! I think it's the subtlety that keeps me going back to the accent nail

  8. I doo too! I'm not going to lie, I spent quite a bit of time gazing at the photo of all of them.


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