Thursday, September 8

Justice Khakis

Sorry folks, no khakis to see here. You'll just have to make do with Justice Shorts, they're pretty much the same only a little cooler (HA! oh my, I crack myself up). Now I'm no vigilante but every once in a while I do like to administer justice, Larry-David style. My past roster has included telling the Dean of Students not to butt-in-line for the bar, reminding someone they left their grocery cart at the cash and they should probably take it with them and quietly cringing in frustration every time I see a car taking up two parking spots. Not sure what sort of justice is on today's agenda, all I know is y'all better be on your best behaviour ;)


  1. love love love one of my most favorite outfits I've seen in the blog world this week. The shoes make it


  2. Hi Sorren, great Outfit, love the Shorts, I hope you were wearing your Tights, it's getting a bit cool for bare legs now.

  3. thank you SO much! I'd have to say this is my best compliment of the week!

  4. Oh, I love this look on you!!!!

  5. so so cute! the lace top, the oxfords, your bangs! loveee

  6. Perfect outfit, so chic! x


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