Tuesday, September 6

I am Losing my Edge

Jack by BB Dakota top | 2Two shorts & belt | Locale brogues | H&M bracelet | Turquoise&Caicos polish, by Essie

Hot = shorts.
Rainy = dark, indoor photos.
Hot + Rainy = an uncomfortable day.
Had I known how much rain Halifax would get today when I dressed this morning, 
I would have made some other decisions.  
I didn't know.
So, I made some silly decisions.

I'm don't know what my deal is, but I think I've lost it. I'm not sure when or where, all I know is it's gone. Yesterday, I forgot to check the Nova Scotia Lifeguard site before heading out for our last beach day of the season resulting in a foggy, drizzly swim. (Oh yes, we swam. The surf was good). On top of not checking the weather network, this morning I busted my butt to make the 9:15am ferry only to realize - IT DOESN'T EXIST! (Give it up for waiting in a stinky ferry terminal for 20 minutes). I know this doesn't seem like much and I'm making a big fuss over nothing, but I assure you -it is a big deal. I am planorama. I check, double check, get a confirmation, check again and then act. Based on the timing I think it's fair to say that the changing seasons are actively trying to bring me down. 


  1. I love those shoes =] And i definitely have those shorts and a shade very similar to that nail polish. Don't mind me if I copy this outfit!

  2. These indoor shots are surprisingly moody/awesome though. Love bracelet and the navy on navy look (even if it turned out to be weather inappropriate).
    P.S. I am also sometimes an over planner... and when social events don't go EXACTLY as I expected I give up and decide not to go. I know that it is a bad habit and I am working on it. But waiting that 20 extra minutes for the ferry would have RUINED my morning.

  3. Hi Sorren , it happens to the best of us, no one can beat the weather, at least it means that you can start wearing your Wellies again, you look so good when you've got your Wellies on.

  4. I miss them and was SO sad that I missed out on wearing them today because of my poor judgement!

  5. You're right, they are pretty moody and mysterious!!

  6. no way! you definitely should copy, it's a good one and I'm not ashamed to say I'm worn it more than a few times :)

  7. Boo ferry! HOORAY STRIPES!

    I'm an over-planner, too. I only recently started getting to work at 8:58 instead of 8:40, if only because I am always so paranoid about planning enough time to account for possible highway traffic/accidents/freak snowstorms/rain/baby ducklings crossing the street.

  8. Hi Sorren! I started following your blog recently on Bloglovin. I love your style! I'm also a crazy planner, and today I was poorly dressed for our weather. It was pouring this morning, but I wasn't expecting the humidity. I was in skinny jeans and I almost wore a sweater and oxfords, but I'm so glad my husband was able to talk me out of the latter two!

    Audrey @ Putting Me Together

  9. Missing a ferry is literally the WORST. A few times we've pulled up as the boat SLOWLY pulls away from the dock. What is that? I swear they go slower when they see someone standing there gazing longingly.

  10. hahah it's the same with buses you miss. They give you a slow gaze to let you know what you did wrong. Sheesh public transit, stop trying to school me!

  11. Oh my goodness, that is SO lucky! We had a very humid last weekend here and it was so tough to dress for.

    I'm so excited you're enjoying my blog! It's always great to hear you're on the right track.

  12. hahah holy moly, you are better than me! I only get to work 5 minutes early, tops ( I like to think I settle in quickly... plus I used to live close by). I must say that I also LOVE how similar we are! I LOVE planning for every possible outcome, it's a hobby of mine.


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