Wednesday, September 28




I'm pretty excited. Summer has returned for an encore. 
Now usually I am not a fan of the encore. 
No matter how much I enjoy a band, the minute they walk off stage I get super excited to rush home and snuggle into my comfy comforter and lay my head on my pouffy, soft pillow.
THEN, it never fails, they always come back. And everyone cheers. And I hang my head. It's not that I don't want to see more, it's just that a switch flicks when they say goodbye and I go from seeing-a-show-Sorren to bedtime-Sorren, and bedtime-Sorren is not patient.

But I digress.

I have all the patience in the world if summer is going to stay a little longer. 


  1. I'm not a fan of my eternal summer here... I'm looking forward to my weekend with a little chill in the Central Northwest!

    When I saw Tegan & Sara play, they said, "Just so you guys know, we're not gonna do an encore. We're just going to play for the extra 5 minutes you guys would've been sitting there screaming at the empty stage." My kinda ladies. (AND they're Canadian...)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! But I do love the summer encore. We've got the same thing going on over here!

  3. It really is the best! It's actually funny I wrote this post yesterday because as of this morning I think the summer encore is toast :( How's the heatwave in Ottawa fairing?

  4. Oh I love that!!! When I saw Jay Retard, and Kanye neither of them did an encore and I loved every minute!!

  5. Since sunday it's been in the mid-twenties without the humidity, so it's been pretty warm. The rest of the week seems to be reverting back to fall temperatures. And rain. Boo!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous!! I really love the pairing of that summer dress with a motorcyle style jacket!

    I usually don't mind the summer encore but in Toronto it's cold in the mornings, super humid in the middle of the day (when I'm in office wear!) then cold at night again! I'm confused!!!

  7. The heat wave hit here, too... and just after I packed away all of my shorts & capris.

    I love the shoes paired with that dress.

    Twirling in Glitter

  8. How is it that you're in Canada with bare legs and a strappy dress, and I'm however-many-miles-south in Ohio wearing long sleeves and cords? Super jealous.

  9. DUDE. I have the exact same issue with encores. I love concerts, but I definitely transition from concert-mode to bedtime-mode in the tiniest flip of a switch.

    Also: I love this outfit!

  10. I have never thought of a dress with a belt before. But it looks awesome.
    Now I need a belt...


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