Sunday, September 11


Remember my 4-Day hair? Excited for my 3-Day hair? ( the works, for Tuesday) 
Well. You can thank my new ted gibson shampoo and conditioner for all THAT sexy-ness.
Prior to the Mills sidewalk sale I had never heard of ted gibson. BUT because of Mills' reputation, 
and the awesome sale price, I knew I could take a chance.

Since it was such a fantastic sale I couldn't help but pick up a little something 
to pass on the love to you darlings for being so great to me!
SO. If you would like to try out some ted gibson shampoo 
- and be dirty like me, but look clean like I do -
then you best enter this giveaway.

mandatory entry: 
Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect and leave a comment 
letting me know the longest stretch you've gone without washing your hair 
bonus entries (2): 
 - Follow me on twitter & tweet the giveaway (remember to use @sorrenisler so I can see it)
 - Blog about it, and leave a link

The giveaway will close Wednesday, September 21st at 5pm AST. 
The winner will be picked by

 -------- GOOD LUCK ALL! --------


  1. ohhhweee the longest i've gone without washing my hair is 14 days. True story. It was at camp, so I think thats excusable right? haha or maybe not...

  2. I think 10 days? But it was in the summer so it's kind of ok?....

  3. I'm a follower!! The longest i've ever gone is 5 days... my hair gets greasy really quickly. :(

  4. The maximum number of days I've ever gone without washing my hair is 3 days, and it's only b/c I was camping. I'm totally interested to see how this product does to keep dirty hair clean!

    I'm a follower.

  5. Honestly, I've probably gone about 2 weeks without washing. I have dry hair... don't judge! ;)

  6. following on twitter and tweet-!/AnnaKul/status/113231090319228928
    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  7. I think it's been about 5 days... When you're camping, washing your hair is just a pain in the butt!

  8. OMG. now people are going to think i'm so dirty. I remember when I was little, I hated taking baths or showers, and I recall going maybe A MONTH without taking a bath. That's just nasty.

    In recent times, I think the longest I've gone is like 4 or 5 days. In the dead of winter usually when it's just too painful to get my hair wet.

  9. hmmm...probs five days. my curls hide dirt well. :)

  10. Honestly ( this is about to get gross) three weeks ago while showering I could smell camp fire in my hair, but we hadn't been around a camp fire in 5 days! That's right, it had been 5 days since I washed my hair, even with a fire and I didn't even realize it!

  11. Tweeted about your giveaway...and my answer is still 3 days

  12. OK, gross confession time (but out of my control). When I was growing up, I lived in Japan and I was living in Kobe when the Hanshin earthquake struck. NO WATER to take showers with for over a week (it was rationed for drinking, cooking, etc.). The only plus to this disgusting situation was that when I did finally take a shower and wash my hair it was the shiniest, silkiest, most gorgeous that my hair has ever been. :)

  13. haha none of these are gross at all - in fact, they are all awesome.
    I just realized that although you know this is three day hair, and in Suit Up I have 4 Day hair, I haven't disclosed my longest time.

    I went about 8 days without washing my hair in the past. I think I was in junior high and wanted to see how shiny my hair would be when I washed it after the eight... well, the shininess after the 8 was nothing compared to the shininess during... So. Never again.

  14. When I had heavily highlighted blonde hair I could go 5 days or so without washing.

    Blogged your giveaway

  15. 3 days. I think I could hold out longer if I didn't have bangs. Or if I wore it curly all the time. Curls hide greasiness so well :)

  16. Hi Sorren! I'm a blog follower & I love your style! I have probably never gone more than 3 days on dirty hair :) But I only wash it every other day on a regular basis! Straight, curly, straight, curly :)

  17. Probably 3 days :)


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