Sunday, September 18

Design Show & Tell: Business Cards

A little while ago my friend, Nicole, asked me to design her a business card. She had a few concepts in mind when she came to me, so I began with those concepts. Then I got nutty and started designing outside the box - Sorren style.

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  1. This was the first one I designed. When I begin a new design project I always throw something easy peasy together first. I usually grab a stock photo and then choose my favourite fonts. I find that having something designed (even if I know I won't use it) helps build my confidence. Additionally, during this initial toss-together I began thinking about my next design, and how what I'm currently doing will evolve - what I'll keep (very little) / what I'll chuck (most of it).
  2. This second design focused on the concepts Nicole brought to the table, when we initially spoke. The two big ones being: the Maine coastline (this is where she is based), and a compass (to tie in the tagline).
  3. Having finished a layout that adhered to what was requested, I gave myself the freedom to introduce my minimalist style in the third design. When I first began designing I knew that I would eventually be working with patterns; utensils were the first obvious choice. Had this one been chosen, I would have played with the utensil layout on the front to make it better. 
  4. When I designed the cookbook cover for my colleague, Nicole had commented that the last one was her favourite. So, I took the opportunity to recycle the pattern and use it in a new way. I also kept with the modern, minimalistic style and used a new colour.
The chosen one!

For this last option, I evolved the design in a few keys ways: 
  • I developed the pattern concept; taking it from the initial fork, spoon and knife (the tools of a foodie) to lobster, garlic and carrots (the simple ingredients of a food master).
  • I brought the layout from horizontal, or horizontal/vertical to fully vertical layout and tried a new colour splash. 
  • I kept the large circle, brought it around back to add a little more oomph.
  • Since the circle was now on the back, I used a rectangle to highlight the business name (also changed), adding to the contrast between the back and front.
  • With the contrast between the two sides elevated, I ditched the business name as the watermark opting instead for the root of the pattern to create a connection.

I was so excited when Nicole chose the last design since it was definitely my favourite of the bunch. I blurred out her phone number and website just in case neither are ready yet, and left her email so that you can contact her if you live in her area and need her expertise. She is in high demand though, so act quick!

*i know, i know I'm just so rad at making business cards that you want one.
 If you do please ask and don't steal - you'll just ruin the resolution - I'm sure 
we could work something out :)


    1. Wow! These really are all wonderful. I'm in the process of making my first business cards and if I wasn't certain that you're beautiful designs would absolutely go to waste on my boring "Hi, I'm a doctoral student" cards, then I would try to commission you. Great job!

    2. These are all gorgeous! Sometimes I think about going back to school for a degree in graphic design, because I LOVE playing with Illustrator/InDesign, but then I remember I'm not creative like the legit graphic designers out there...I could never come up with sweet concepts like these. Kudos!

    3. That is so cool! The chosen one is my fave as well, although it is a tough choice! Thanks for sharing...I love seeing how a design is developed.

    4. great designs! i love all of them ;)

      Happy Monday!


    5. Great designs and really love the chosen one. Your friend must be so thrilled.

    6. Thanks for the plug Sorren!!! I AM thrilled with the design and cannot wait to see the printed product, which should be ready this week! I HIGHLY recommend working with Sorren! She's 100% Fantastic!


    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I love getting to know you all a little better each time :)