Sunday, August 14

Weekend File

This weekend was packed full of outdoor activities mostly consisting of just taking advantage of the nice weather and being outside.

We began our weekend Friday night (as you do) leisurely making delicious tacos, complete with homemade guacamole and salsa, and watching endless episodes of Deadwood. Oh boy, that Bullock sure is angry, but also handsome... so. very. handsome.

Saturday, we headed for the beach with some friends of ours, and then back to their place for a BBQ and some drinks. It was the perfect summer end to a perfect summer day. We brought some potato salad, which began lemony which thankfully came into its own once we began to eat.

Sunday, Jack and I headed back to the beach (because, didn't you know? I am now a bonafied beach bum) with his sister and her boyfriend. I had to literally be dragged from the ocean when it was time to leave but it was well worth it once we hit up some fish n' chips and ice cream. Now we're heading out to see 30 Minutes or Less. I think it's going to be a gem, but how could I not think that knowing that I'll be seeing Tom Haverford, Kenny Powers and Sam Gold all come together to be awkward and hilarious. I'll let you know how it goes... 

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