Wednesday, August 3

Two for One

Jack by BBDakota shirt | BCBG skirt | Club Monaco belt | Franco Sarto pumps

I can tell you're all pretty excited - I don't blame you, two for ones are an amazing deal. I know when I'm faced with a twofer I tend to get a little out-of-hand, lose sight of what's important. A simple trip to the grocery store to pick up some lettuce for tacos can turn into a 3 hour extravaganza complete with feelings of disorientation, blackouts and regret. Looking back, I cannot say for certain what happened, all I remember is I went in for lettuce and the next thing I know my car is stuffed to the brim with: hot dog, pie, raspberries, ice cream, pre-mixed salad, baguette, flour, ribs, ground turkey, dip, soup, cleaning supplies and pasta sauce - and they're all in pairs, no repeats - it was like the noah's ark of the supermarket, only I wasn't saving the world. On the upside? I will create some interesting meals from what I got. On the downside? I can't see straight and I forgot the lettuce.

lovelygirl crop | James Perse tee | Rich&Skinny jeans | Jules&James flats


  1. I went to the grocery store for marshmallows the other day and ended up spending 70 bucks and forgetting the freaking marshmallows. I sent Ben back and he got the intended item plus a bottle of super expensive Sesame Oil. My main problem with that? I'd bought the same bottle 10 minutes earlier. I didn't think to yell as he walked out the door, "LEAVE the $20 oil on the shelf, I got it."

    On to the clothes - I LOVE that locket.

  2. I love your flats! The colour is gorgeous and compliments your outfit perfectly!

    I just wanted to say that I made the jump and started my own blog so thank you again for the motivation I needed. Obviously it's still very early doors but I can tell that I'm hooked already!

    I also wanted to say that I randomly decided to make those espresso cookies last night. A-MAZING! Well I kind of winged it because I'm unfamiliar with sticks of butter and cups of everything else lol and I didn't put enough coffee/added to many chocolate chips but they still taste great enough to eat 3 or 4! OOPS!

    Have a great day!

  3. Love these looks! The blue flats are so cute!


  4. Well, well, well Sorren! It looks like you're having an amazing summer and looking beautiful as always. First of all, congratulations on your engagement!!! Yippeeeeee!
    I'm catching up on all your posts, outfits and photos now. Love your blue ballerina flats too by the way.

    Thanks again for guest posting - you were adorable once again.

  5. I like a good deal when it comes along too! :)

    I bet we all have our eyes on your blue flats!!! LOOOOVE!!!


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