Monday, August 22

Team Work and Adventure

Not too long ago, the wonderful folks over at Teambuy Halifax offered me, and a friend, the opportunity to live A Day in the Life of a Teambuyer. Having already enjoyed a few of Teambuy's amazing past deals I was excited to see what else they had up their sleeve. I was sent a "Choose Your Own Adventure Sheet" listing meal options and activities to choose from.

Naturally I skimmed past the well-rounded, Canada food guide type listings and zoned in on the waffles at Ray's Haus European Cafe. Jack and I had been planning to check this place out since their grand opening Sunday, May 15th, however living downtown Dartmouth doesn't often put us in the neighbourhood making this adventure, the perfect chance!

Jack and I headed over one late Sunday afternoon and were greeted by both owners, Evan MacEachern and Ray Sharpe. We got the run-down of the bistro and how to order, placed our orders - coffee, caramel waffles and an apple, cinnamon waffle - and then found a seat in some big, comfy chairs which we swapped for a table once we realized waffles and comfy chairs do not mix. While we waited for the waffles, Ray brought us over a sample of some milkshakes they were working on - strawberry/banana - they were delicious. Seriously, amazing. The milkshakes were made from the regular stuff - ice cream, milk - with one key exception, Torani syrup was the secret flavouring meaning you can choose basically any milkshake you can dream of! Jack immediately added a chai milkshake to our order and it was perfect, the vanilla ice cream complemented the chai in a way no one could have guessed.

The waffles were fresh, filling and fantastic. The service was kind and inviting. The atmosphere was comfy, perfect for when you need time to work on a paper... or a resume ;) Even though we don't live close-by, Ray's haus has definitely won us over and will see us again soon!

Although Jack was more than willing to partake in the waffle portion of this adventure he drew the line at the Manicure/Pedicure at Totally Yours Salon, however I would like to note though that go-carting was on the table when we were choosing the activity). In any case, I took this as a great opportunity to treat my little sister to her first mani/pedi!

Totally Yours Salon and Spa is located on Fenwick street just a few blocks from the downtown core. The folks there were pleasant to deal with from my first phone call to book -
they graciously extended the expiration date on my deal to accommodate my work schedule and their own overflow of appointments (boy-oh-boy were they booked to the max - good thing? I think so!). We arrived one Thursday evening, were offered some red wine (which we totally took them up on) and were ushered into aesthetician, Melanie Murphy's room where we began to choose our polishes. I went for OPI's Planks a Lot for my fingers and Plugged-In Plum for my toes. 

My sister sat in the chair first and got her nails soaked and pampered while I sipped away on my wine and chatted. Melanie was fantastic - easy to talk to, great with a file and an awesome source of pointers - alternating between the two of us throughout our visit like a pro! The salon was relaxing, clean, sanitary and bright. We both had a great experience and agreed that we would definitely return to the salon, however we would likely do it solo since the layout seemed better suited to serve one at a time. 

I had a great time partaking in Teambuy's "Choose Your Own Adventure" promotion. For those who aren't familiar with Teambuy, it is an awesome way to get more out of your city (or a city you are visiting). Each day a deal is posted, which remains open for 24 hours, if enough people commit to the deal in that time, the buy goes through and everyone gets it! It's simple.  It's exciting. It's social. 

Thanks so much to Hannah Stuart from Teambuy Halifax, and John Bowes from Marqedia Public Relations for making this opportunity possible!


  1. Those waffles look really good!

  2. Sounds cool! Is it sad that I've never had a mani/pedi? hmm... Maybe I should get on trying one of those out...

  3. oh you definitely should.. you will not be disappointed!! This was my fourth and I loved it :)

  4. oh yes, they tasted really good too! There's just something about fruit and waffles that is oh-so-right


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