Tuesday, August 30

Play it Cool

Gentle Fawn top | 2Two shorts | Locale Brogues | H&M leather cuff

Although these photos were taken indoors, don't let the location fool you - it was a hot, sunny and exciting day over on my edge of the east coast.

I woke up bright and early, hopped the ferry downtown and headed for a cafe to get down and dirty with my accomplishment statements. By the time I cleared the first hill I realized I had grossly misjudged the sun's heat and was completely over-dressed for my day. Luckily, one of my favourite Halifax boutiques, Biscuit General Store, was on the way so I ducked in to peruse their summer sale racks. Ten minutes later I was back on track with a new shirt on my back, another in the bag and my visa crying ever so softly.

THEN (and this is where it gets exciting) I went to my coffee shop, picked my table and got in line for my coffee. By the time I realized I was standing in the wrong line, the right line was 5 people deep and I was cursing under my breath until... I looked up and saw PIERCE BROSNAN in line in front of me! Well, actually I saw a guy wearing a ball cap, sunglasses and a vest and I thought "how foolish, why is he wearing all that indoors?" BUT, then I realized it was PIERCE BROSNAN! Now I don't know how things work where you live, but here in Halifax it is quite rare to run into a celebrity, so I did what any novice would do - I stood quietly, smiled when he looked at me and respected his space. 

...and now I have no picture. BALLS.


  1. Such a cute and breezy outfit :)
    And that's crazy running into Pierce Brosnan! I'm sure he was glad you didn't make a scene, but it's too bad you weren't able to snap a photo... oh well!

  2. I definitely love this whole outfit!! comfort is the way to go!! ohh & I must say I love your shoes :) xoxo

  3. I am loving seeing your casual looks during your funemployment! ;) Also your happy smile! Also. Jealous that you saw that just-past-middle aged stud muffin!

  4. I just have to say I love that it looks like you have a wee lair at the top of those ladders lol
    The pattern on that top is gorgeous, and the top itself has a lot of potential for remixing I think :-) I could see it paired with coloured skinny jeans for cooler weather anyways!
    I had a similar experience a few years ago (not with Pierce though). Not only did I not get any photos or an autograph but if I hadn't been with my boyfriend, I wouldn't have even noticed. Oblivious!

    You definitely look like your benefiting from the funemployment!

  5. The shirt is definitely worth a few tears from your visa--it's GORGEOUS. I love how you styled it so simply, with the shorts and brogues and neutral bangles. Totally love.

  6. You're looking laidback and cute! I'm never really sure how to style those looser flowy tops without looking sloppy. Even though I love the look of them, I never purchase... Might have to re-evaluate, though!

  7. It's okay, I would not have had the bulbous man parts to take his pic either. RESPEC, I like it. But what on earth was Pierce doing at the end of the earth (yeah I looked up Halifax on a map once and this was my impression..don't fall off, there's nothing but blue out there)?!

  8. I like the shorts. A LOT. Sexy legs!!!

    And pierce brosnan? AWESOME. Though I probably wouldn't know what to do and leave him alone as I'd be too shy to approach him to take a photo. I never see celebs in Seattle either. so sad.

  9. Wow, how cool that you saw Pierce Brosnan! I wouldn't have had the nerve to take a pic either. Maybe he was shooting a film?

  10. haha yes, I wondered the same thing. Oddly enough Halifax gets quite a bit of filming done here, although they're mostly lifetime movies sooooooo...


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