Tuesday, August 23

Ode to a Dress

Vince cardigan | Katrina Tuttle dress | Stop Staring belt | Chucks | watch from Rack and Sack

This dress was my first major print purchase. I say major because this ain't no small time flower or stripes print (my usual print MO) - it is a true blue, bonafied abstract print and I love it. It's as though someone found a fabric that completely embodies my being and turned it into a dress I could wear around town. 

Why don't I marry it, you ask? 
Well I am already engaged to a strapping young man
who understood that when I screamed out: 
"I'm in love! I'm in love! and I don't care who knows it!"
I was speaking about the dress
...and he was okay with it. 
That's not the kind of guy you just toss aside 
because you've connected with a piece of clothing.
Oh no, he's a keeper.


  1. Love your nail polish! :)


  2. You are so funny, and this dress is SO AMAZING. I am loving this print; it is so unique and exciting. I'm also loving that you showed how you can take a dress that could be super fancy pantsy, and you used your sneaks + cardi to make it a bit more casual. A+, girl! :)

  3. Great print and color, I'd say it's pretty major! But definitely marry your man instead.

  4. You should marry the dress, they usually do what you tell them and they never talk back!

    This dress is FAB! Love it with the sneakers! TOO cute!

  5. aww shucks, thanks darling. As much as I love super hawt new heels, dressing things down is always my first instinct!

  6. i suppose you're right... I mean, my dress isn't going to bring my chicken soup when I'm sick, now is it?

  7. Oh well then you have certainly not met this dress, it is super bitchy. always causing problems and stirring the pot :)


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