Thursday, August 18

Neons, Neutrals and Accents

I tell ya' guys, I am getting braver in my unemployed state.
For reals, no lies.
Not only am I doing the accent nail, BUT I am finally trying out 
the neon and neutral trend 
albeit in a very subtle, non-intimidating way.

You may also notice that I am slowly attempting to build up my wrist stack. 
I've got a ways to go before I can compete with these wrist warriors 
but I'm going to keep at it.
Currently I'm in the market for some slick leather or fabric-type wraps.
Anybody got a hook-up?


  1. I really like that you painted your ring finger neon. At least you have time to let your nails dry, there is nothing worse than a rushed nail painting job! I'm not sure about leather or fabric wraps, but I have seen so many cute and colourful braided bracelets on etsy!

  2. Um hiiii I'm kind of obsessed with you and your neon nail. And your arm party! :)

  3. Ooh! love the nail polish. and I'm trying to build up my wrist stack too but i just feel awkward wearing too much on my wrist. I bought a H&M braided leather bracelet which I really liked but then lost somehow (the closure was really loose, so sad) and I just saw this tutorial yesterday and was wanting to try it out, but I have no idea where to buy a piece of leather...

    But I think you're talking more about those wrapped bracelets right? Ive seen them at Target (oops, you guys don't have them) and Banana (expensive).

    AND. i like friendship bracelets but feel silly making one for myself (BFFs with... ME.)


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