Monday, August 8

Design Show & Tell: Wedding Invitations

Last weekend, Jack and I attended our friends' beautiful, backyard wedding held by a lake in the Annapolis Valley - yes, it was as beautiful as it sounds. Normally I like to keep my friends' business as just that - their business - BUT Jack and I designed their wedding invitations and wine labels and we were told to share, share, share to our hearts content, so share I will. 

Wine Labels:

Designing can be a tough process. There are so many little things one has to consider -main and highlight colours, layout, font pairing, etc- and on top of that, is the soul-crushing self-doubt. Doubt that you'll like it in two days, much less, two hours. Doubt that it's good enough, that there isn't a better way to do it - a way you have yet to discover. Doubt that you are the best person for the job ...and these are just the doubts you face when designing for yourself! When you begin designing for a client, whole new, exciting doubts arise. Add a close, personal connection to the process and you've got a Nervous Nancy instead of a Sure Sorren. However, doubt is merely the first part of my design process. Once I'm past my doubt stage the excitement can begin.

Although this was not the first invitation either of us had designed, it was the first one we officially tackled together, as a design duo. We began by each working on invitation designs and then connecting to view and discuss. The whole process went quite smoothly and we ended up with seven options to show the bride and groom. Rather than sending the invites to a printers, the bride and groom instead chose to screen-print the invites to add a level of uniqueness. To make this happen I got to mix the paint - it was terrifying and exciting all at once, in fact I think I may become a colour-chemist.


  1. Love the AA logo - great job! It's funny because husband and I also had an art director design one. I love ampersands, but we went for 2 A's linked without it because the ampersand is seen as very commercial/business-like in Italy.

  2. The A&A was all Jack - I wish I could take credit for it (I was more layout/fonts). That's so interesting that the ampersand is seen as very commercial and business-like, I feel as though it just gets lost amongst the rest in Canada and doesn't really stand out in any way. I would LOVE to see your AA invitations!!


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