Friday, August 5

Blue horizons and exciting, unknown roads ahead. There are some big changes coming this way soon, and I'll fill you all in, but for now I sure am exhausted. I've had a big day, you know, it's tough being full-time fancy. My evening of brow shaping, and mani/pedis with my sister (more on that later) has got me beat. Add on late night screen printing session with Jack and there is just no way poor little ol' outfit number 30 is going to make its debut tonight. In fact, I don't think the big 3-oh is going to be coming out until Monday-ish. I know, I'm sad too but Jack and I are facing a full weekend - we are going to the Valley for our friends' wedding! It's all quite exciting, we even made their invitations, I think we're in for a good time!

See y'all on the flip-side!


  1. Did you take this stunning photograph? If so, I'd love to pick your brain.

  2. Oh my, I wish I could take credit for that photo! I actually got it from when it was their free photo of the week. Someday maybe I'll be that good though...

  3. Can I get "it's tough being full-time fancy" on a t-shirt? I feel like I could have a full wardrobe of t-shirts with sayings from your blog if I wanted, you are a catchphrase machine.


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