Monday, August 29

Aim for the Bushes

Jack by BB Dakota dress | Club Monaco skirt | Olivia belt | Locale brogues | United Colors of Benetton bag

Not going to lie, folks - I am tuckered. 
Jack and I had a full weekend of friends, family and late nights... 
late, late nights. 
It was great, but Ms. Irene didn't help any by partying into the wee hours last night, 
making a huge racket outside our windows. 

So, when I do finally pass out from exhaustion,
face planting likely in a very inconvenient location 
(anywhere besides my bed)
I'm going to cut my losses and aim for the bushes*

*did you see what I did there? I used the title in the post. Boy do I hate when they do that in movies. 
By the way, can you guess which movie I watched this weekend?


  1. Cute. I love the purple skirt. You are so good at layering. Guess I need to buy more short dresses to go under my skirts...

  2. Love the belt! :)


  3. you do weekend wear so well, lady!

  4. Love your skirt and great belt too.
    Wait, what movie is that?!

  5. This skirt can do no wrong.

  6. Lifting up your skirt for pictures? SO SCANDALOUS!!!! :)

    Just kidding, I love this purple skirt. so pretty. and the belt. Love it!

  7. Oh, I know! I am pretty freakin SASSY!

  8. I feel the same way, I think I may throw it a party for being so great.

  9. It was from "The Other Guys" with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg when Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock jump off the building after the bad guys... it was a a pretty funny movie... I thought, anyway.


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