Tuesday, July 5

Today is Special

Today is Jack's birthday. 
Happy birthday, Jack Carr. 
Please forgive me as I have few words for you today 
so that I may continue the celebrations. 

Instead I have photos of my new pet dinosaur for you. 
His name is Jeremy and he is a herbivore. 
Don't let that fool you though, for he is incredibly ferocious 
and eats pebbles for breakfast.

Talula shirt | 2Two belt | BCBG skirt | Locale brogues | necklace & watch bought at Biscuit

I love this outfit. I think is perfect for the office. It is a fantastic blend of casual, comfy, polished and girly. It is my goal to achieve this sort of balance with all my outfits although to do this I would have to throw away all my pumps, which I am not quite ready to do yet.


  1. Agreed, it's definitely perfect for the office! And for drinks and dinner afterwards!

  2. this look is definitely the perfect combination of summer, vintage details, and versatility! and happy birthday to jack!

  3. Not normally a fan of Oxfords, but they look great with this outfit! Love the shirt, too. Very classy!


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