Monday, July 18

That Wind-Blown Look

Talula oxford | Rich&Skinny jeans | Locale brogues 

The one positive that last Friday's cool weather offered was the opportunity to throw my blue oxford back in the ring again. When I originally chose my items it was questionable we'd be seeing much heat and sun in this edge of the hemisphere, so I prepared for cooler weather while ever-so-cautiously hoping for summer. Well, summer came and then some, so my "warmer" items have seen very little court time - not that I'm complaining - but I am three men short. I fully expect I will happily return to ignoring this, and my other warmer items, within a few days but until then I'm going to enjoy the access to the extra item in my repertoire. 


  1. Classically perfect! Love love love your watch!

  2. LOVE It! I'm really a fan of those cute shoes!!

  3. It's great when the summer weather cools down a little. You look really adorable.
    I love your necklace.

  4. I love how well you've worn the oxfords, they work perfectly here!

  5. Love this outfit :) I'm dying to wear button-ups again, this heat wave is not as fun as I had hoped!



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