Tuesday, July 19

A Lifelong Lesson

James Perse shirt | Jacob belt | BCBG skirt | Franco Sarto pumps

The perfect white tee has always been a mission of mine. Even as a fashionably-unaware pre-teen I knew that a perfectly styled white tee - whether styled for the office or casually - was pure white gold. *Honestly, I feel the same way about any tee shirt but there's something about a crisp new white one pre-greying that is so sharp it stands out from the rest.* I can count the number of perfect white tees I have owned in my lifetime on one hand and although I wish I could say I've had more, I'm just grateful I've come across more than one. 

I used to begin my hunt for a new white tee blind, ransacking the mall store-by-store on my mission. Past title holders have been Banana Republic, Club Monaco, LnA and most recently James Perse. Now I don't want to choose favourites because I love all my stark prize possessions equally, however James Perse a genius. The fit, comfort and style are everything you could, and would, dream for, and to top it all off he does it so effortlessly. Not going to lie, it's a lot like love.


  1. I love a good white t-shirt! And that necklace is really cute too!

  2. I have a simple gray cardigan from James Perse and it's brilliant. It's so cozy I sometimes wear it to bed. Your outfit rocks. It's very elegant and sexy.

  3. LOVE that necklace! So gorg, and it really sets off the classic look of the white t/black skirt/black pumps.


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