Sunday, July 10

Lace, waves & brogues

Talula shirt | 2Two belt | Rich&Skinny jeans | Locale brogues | Necklace from Biscuit 

There's something about lace, brogues and gold that just works oh-so-well in my opinion. I will definitely be wearing this one on repeat throughout the summer, occasionally swapping out the jeans for shorts (not in the office of course).

I am slowly but surely expanding my jewelry collection. Up until grade 7 I was decked out with multiple rings and bangles when I suddenly decided none of it was for me. Since then I have become wary of the bling and even let my pierced ears grow over. Not too long ago I began to warm to jewelry and buy a few key pieces, even more recently I have become comfortable enough to move outside my go-to style and explore what else is out there - gold rather than silver, simple pendants instead of chunky pearls. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't but I am excited to keep this up. If you have any ideas, or suggestions of styles you think I'd like let me know, I definitely need a few more experienced opinions.


  1. So cute! I'm totally going to be on the lookout for classic jewelry for you! :) <3

  2. what a gorgeous lace shirt and i love how you paired it with gold! and i've been growing my jewelry collection too with some statement necklaces. i love the ones from Amrita Singh!

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  3. I think your minimal jewellery suits you beautifully! But maybe it's just me, I'm always wary of wearing "too much" and easily feel like a Christmas tree. I do adore the look on others though, and I can't shake the feeling I should really give it a try :-D I don't know how though, thoughtlessly piling it up sure won't help, lol!

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  4. Is your hair naturally wavy like that? It looks lovely! I'm way jealous (mine is stick straight and barely ever decides to hold a curl). As for jewelry, my collection has grown over the years. It's nice to have a mix of some fun costume jewelry (think, Forever 21...but not sure if y'all have that in Canada) but also some nicer pieces. I'm really into semi-precious stones like blue lapis, amber, malachite, etc. You would look so nice in some amber!


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