Saturday, July 23

Hitting the Road

This weekend Jack and I have planned a little getaway to Scotsburn, Nova Scotia. We got a good deal on a cottage for a night through Dealfind and will finally be escaping the noise of constant construction that has been plaguing us the last 2 months - it will be heaven. Usually we prefer to run around some other city for a vacation, than stick around and explore our own province however who can argue with a mini-vacation on the cheap? Not me I tell ya' no sir, not me. 

Even though we only have the cottage for a night we've decided to make the most of it. We'll be hitting the road early, stopping along the way for anything deemed interesting, attempting to discover some amazing restaurants and waiting out the rest of our time before check-in on some unsuspecting beach. I suspect the ride back Sunday will be similar, weather permitting, however with a later start time.

In other news, I am a HORRIBLE over-packer. Don't worry, I know it is ridiculous to pack this much, I just can't help myself. I've started attending meetings and hope to be down to only 3 outfit options per-one-nights-stay soon


  1. Sorren, of COURSE you would need AT LEAST this many outfit choices. By my count, you're actually a little short. Here's how I figger it: You'll need outfits for

    1) Saturday driving
    2) Lunch
    3) Beach
    4) Dinner
    5) Possible post-dinner dancing? If not, p.j.'s
    6) Breakfast
    7) Possible mid-morning excursion (maybe hiking?)
    8) Comfy driving clothes for the ride home
    9) Lunch

    Now, I do realize that some of these items are combine-able, but a girl can never be too careful. I love a wardrobe change (or 4)! Have a GREAT time, no matter what you wear!

  2. That can't be real! I'm not sure B would let me pack that much.

  3. I love the prints on your dresses.
    I'm a huge overpacker, but I think Erin, above, is right ;) hehe

  4. Haha I can relate! I just posted my vacation wardrobe for 10 days and I feel kinda insane. I'm better at packing for a weekend, but this one had me pretty much stumped ;-) But then again, I had to pack for both winter and summer as it's going to be cold and rainy pretty much all the time and I packed for both the weather I know I'll get and the weather I hope I'll get, LOL!
    Have fun :-)

  5. hahha you are too funny! I love the justifications, it's so true.

  6. errrmm, it may be that Jack was out while I was packing and I was therefore left to my own devices...

  7. She definitely is, and us over-packers need to stick together!

  8. packing for two seasons is the absolute worst! I had to do that back in april and it just triples the amount of clothes you'd normally bring plus footwear (and footwear is bulky!)


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