Thursday, July 7

A girl of few words...

French Connection blouse | Club Monaco belt | Club Monaco skirt | Franco Sarto pumps | Alfred Sung flats | OPI You Don't Know Jacques polish

Currently my brain is mush, the product of a busy day, busy night, apartment cleaning and a to-do list a mile long. Rather than ramble through up top, I've decided to get down to business and focus on today's outfit discussion, it's better this way. It already took me a good 10 to throw together those first two sentences. 

Originally I had planned on wearing a different outfit today however the sun has been greeting me every morning this week and this inspires a little extra effort - even still I made sure to pack back-up flats. I definitely preferred it with the pumps, as I find the black in the heels and belt pop adding a great contrast, so I tried to keep them on as long as possible - I lasted 3 hours. woot woot. yes, that just happened. It had to come out sooner or later. I'm sorry I've hid my wooting for so long, I had planned on getting to know you all a little better before subjecting you to such a concise reaction but my mushy brain forgot. So there you have it, I hope we can still be friends.


  1. oh man, i heart the you don't know jacques color so much that i might just have it in both matte and shiny.
    woot woot. :)

  2. LOVE this. With both shoe options! That color skirt is fantastic, reminds me to wear my slightly similar-colored cardigan sometime soon.

    And hey at least you didn't spell woot with zeros..

  3. Love the color of your skirt! The black belt and shoes was a nice touch..great outfit! : )

  4. A women of few words and awesome shoes.

  5. The color of this skirt is fantastic. Loving the bow on the front of the blouse as well.

  6. I love this whole outfit! You look gorgeous with your purple skirt and tie blouse. And it looks cute with the flats and heels!


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