Monday, July 11

Canada Day Wrap-Up

Even though I am a week late with this post I decided to go ahead and make it happen because hey, why not? ...and mostly because that moor (photo6) has a cranky face I love and want to share with the world. 

By the time we left the house it was far too hot to wear the red cardigan I had planned on, however I did have a pair of red sunnies allowing me to still fulfil my super-cool themed outfit. I was hooked on the idea of wearing these sandals. They were one of my favourite purchases last summer and I haven't worn them since the summer 2010 ended. I realized afterwards that I should have stuck to the red flats for the festiveness they offered, as well as the comfort factor but alas, hindsight is 20/20. I didn't get any photos with my red and white though since I was in a shy mood and therefore feeling bashful about taking photos on a patio filled with people and passersby. In hindsight however, fewer people would have likely questioned a few snap shots on a patio with friends than a five minute snap fest behind a dumpster.

1. We started off our weekend of celebration Thursday evening at the Seahorse dancing to the Mellotones  |  2. Argyle street patios  |  3. Jack and I by the Seaport market  |  4. filler flag  |  5. My sister, Magdalaina & I facing off against that grumpy ol' moor

Canada Day also marks the day of Jack's and my anniversary and this is year seven! So instead of high-fiving over some patio drinks we chose to end our evening by dressing up, having a delicious meal at the Five Fisherman and watching the fireworks from a super pretty spot. Please excuse the quality of the last photo, I have no excuse but feel better knowing I have reprimanded my camera which is currently sitting in the corner thinking about how it can do more.

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