Wednesday, July 27

At Last!

Let me count the ways I love this dress… 
  1. The pattern 
  2. The shape 
  3. The colour palette - grey is my all-time favourite 
  4. - honestly, I've got about 10+ of these and they're all pretty boring. Maybe one day I'll write an ode to this dress, but hopefully not. Hopefully something much more exciting happens before then which stops me from acting a fool and doing such a thing. 

Club Monaco blazer and button-up | Katrina Tuttle dress | 2Two belt | Hue tights | Locale brogues

Instead I'll say this. I have kept this beauty buried in my 30 items since the first time I wore it during a day off early-on in the challenge. Since then I have been wistfully wishing for a day in which tights would be appropriate (it is summer after all) making the dress office friendly. Well, guess what, that day is not going to come - which is actually a good thing - so I just bit the bullet and decided today was the day. 

To make up for it's length I styled the dress very conservatively - flats, tights, layered button-up and a blazer to top it off. Although I usually dislike how air-conditioned my office building is, it really worked in my favour today. I started with my bow-blouse layered underneath but it was kind of ridiculous, I may have looked like I was four. After playing with my popples and enjoying my welches, I remembered that I had another option. I am so happy I didn't swap this blouse out after the midway point. I think accessorizing with a black belt and pumps would also create a great look, I would have to test it out at home to decide whether I looked like the office hussy first.


  1. You could start planning your wedding. You know, instead of writing love poems to your dress. Am I already sounding like your mother?

  2. Im a sucker for a versatile dress like this! Id love to see this with black heels (pumps?) as well :-) Your blog has really motivated to start my own, as of yet im still thinking of a name! The 1st step is the scariest i guess! Anywayyy thank you :-)

  3. I love that dress too! Looks great with those tights too.

  4. hahah yes, but I don't mind a bit! hmmm, wedding...

  5. I am so happy that I've helped to motivate you to start your own. Everyone gets that push through someone else's blog and it means so much that I did for someone else, what was once done for me.

    The name was definitely the hardest part for me, sometimes I still question whether it's a good one. Just brainstorm, pick and never look back - like I just did...

    I found what made it easiest for me to take the plunge was beginning during a 30for30 because it gave me a task, a goal and a purpose.

    It's a lot of fun, so definitely let me know when you do begin!


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