Saturday, June 11

Tee Time

Favourite ways to wear a tee:

  1. Dressed up with skinnies and a blazer
  2. Dressed up a la business/office wear
  3. Dressed up with a skirt
  4. All casual-like with jeans
  5. With sweats

Vince cardigan, James Perse tee (c/o Hautelook), Rich&Skinny jeans, Jules&James flats

Hey, look above. I'm actually trying to make it easier for you to see what I wear... I know, I'm the opposite of lazy - tell your friends!

I am very clumsy so this is actually very dangerous for me. Immediately after I jumped back down and lost my balance... Jack then banned me from being on the rocks and photos were o-ver wah wahhhh

It has been a longgg time since I have donned just a pair of jeans and a tee, but last night they were calling me - and boy were they loud. Obnoxiously so, actually. In fact, I think I should have ignored them - as we all know it is never good to reward bad behaviour. Obviously I had to cave, how could you not when you know the tee that's calling is as comfy and soft as this one? Sometimes I forget it's actually not a pyjama shirt and feel like I must get changed to leave my house. It's okay though, my DVR keeps me company.


  1. So the first time I met all of B's friends we were out on his friends lake property and we took a inflatable canoe out to a little dock. When it was time to come back I asked B how to get back into the flimsy canoe and he said, "Just step in." And I did. And I fell into the lake. With $400 in fishing poles. I'm not really allowed in inflatable canoes anymore...

  2. heheh hilarious. I have a feeling we have very similar experiences...


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