Friday, June 24

Sunnies, petals and nosh

Today, I skipped off work. Just didn't show up, it felt great. Sure I filled out some paper work and put my out-of-office assistant on in preparation yesterday but I don't really like to admit I play by the rules. You know, colour in the lines; do things by the book; make sure to respect corners rather than cut them. Mike Holmes would be proud. This doesn't mean that I don't like to pretend I'm a rebel from time to time, daydream that I'm bad-to-the-bone; a no-good whatchamacallit. Yesterday I may have even stolen candy from a child, and then skateboarded without a helmet, so what? I don't care, I'm wild!

Pink Martini cardigan | Katrina Tuttle dress | James&Jules shoes c/o Zellers | Ski Teal We Drop OPI polish
Oh yes, the thumbs up and crazy eyes - that's my subtle way to signal "finish up, people are coming this way!"

Oh there is nothing better than a brand new tuttle dress, especially when it looks like this. I first eye'd this little darling around the end of May while helping my friend pick out her rehearsal dinner dress (she looked wonderful in it, by the way). It was love at first sight. I knew without a doubt that it would be mine, alas, the sizing was off and I left empty handed. Luckily for me Joey, of Sweet Pea, is a kind hearted, wonderful person who put my size on hold for me the minute it came in - and that, my friends, is the story of how love at first sight became a reality for me.

Obviously I love this dress. I love the black, light grey and white. I love the pattern; the petals. I love it's shape, fabric and cannot wait until I get to wear it next. However, since I am making this a 30 for 30 Challenge: Office Edition I am a little nervous that I have included it, I did not realize how short it was! I would like to pretend it goes to my finger tips, but it does not. It's not even really close. Luckily I got the test run this dress outside of the office and although I had originally planned to pair it with pumps (and a blazer) to the office I think the heels are definitely out. Perhaps I can stick with the flats, throw on some tights and call it a day? I sure hope so because if I had my way I would live in this dress.

The Coastal, Halifax, can do no wrong. McCoastal for Jack, Los Huevos Rancheros for me - like I'd order anything else.

From Ma Belle's in Dartmouth. Delicious, but far too much food for two...
even though I didn't mind eating it. 

Our day of hooky was filled with sunshine, food and an unfortunate parking ticket, 
I chose not to photograph the latter.


  1. Great pictures! Your dress is beautiful :)


  2. You know what's worse than a parking ticket? A fire ticket in Washington for multiple reasons which I will now list. 1) We were camping. 2) It's $250 3) It rains 300 days a year. The one benefit to this is that it doesn't get dry and therefore fires should blaze year round. 4) No Smore's!!!!

    Sorry about your parking ticket but you looked lovely!

  3. Oh that foooooood. I need to make a trip up north asap. ;)

  4. Oh my, that is way worse! Mine is $20 if I pay if 7 days so it's a bummer but not a big deal. What are you supposed to do when you're camping if you can't make a fire!?

  5. that dress is fantastic! i agree that it could make it into the office if the length was downplayed. anyway, it looks like you had a great day off!

  6. Okay I know I am the last person who should be making a comment like this, but it is so fun to see your whole smile!! You're too cute. And the dress doesn't LOOK too short, so if it feels that way, def go for the tights and flats. You can get away with it.

  7. You two are adorable! Oh, and this dress is definitely office appropriate, especially with tights (of course, I work in a super lax outfit, so what do I know?). Glad you played hooky!

  8. WAIT FIRST OFF, you're on disqus now! yay!!!
    second, yay for skipping work. seriously. this does EVERYONE GOOD. :D
    third, that dress on you? lovely! your smile is so pretty :D

  9. hah you're too funny! I've gotten so used to your monkeyface that I had to remind myself why you shouldn't be making comments like that! I tend to think I look like I'm five when I smile fully but it's nice to know it's endearing :)

  10. I am so excited to be on DISQUS too! It is wayy better and I love being able to reply to people so easily, hurrah!


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