Monday, June 6

Round Up: It's Business Time

Last week I attended CANSEC, a defence trade show, in Ottawa. As with many things in life, there are ups and downs to attending a trade show and traveling for work. Ups include: a change in pace, visiting a new place, expensing delicious food and just being in the airport knowing that you're headed somewhere different. Downs include: early mornings, long amounts of standing, and making small talk once you've gotten hot and grumpy. As far as I'm concerned the ups outweigh the downs since grumpy people are my favourite.

Items include: Club Monaco belt, Jacob dress, BCBG skirt, GAP shirt, Franco Sarto flats
My two trade show outfits - note the lack of tights and blazer, and the flats. It was so incredibly hot in Ottawa that I not only got to shed my late-spring light grey tights, I got to forgo the blazer as well. Last year I was ambitious and foolish, attempting to wear pumps for the duration of the trade show - I lasted an hour, luckily I always carry a pair of flats ( I know myself too well ). This year, I learnt from last year's mistakes and did not even attempt to wear them instead settling for my flats. 

Helicopter, Hummer and the Ultra Electronics stand
I went around the various booths to check out the poster and brochure design from the other companies and took a few photos while I was at it. A few booths had some weaponry but I skipped getting my photo taken with any artillery because I felt like a lookey-loo and guns make me nervous. My friend and I wanted to get into the helicopter but got nervous and didn't ask, now I'll never be cool!

Three room suite. Kitchenette and Living area, Bathroom and Bedroom
Although the decor of my room was not stunning or out-of-the-ordinary, my room itself was HUGE! See, usually I get the one-room king-bed but was surprisingly upgraded to this suite when I checked-in early and it was the only one available. Seriously, how does that work out - I inconvenience the hotel and I get an upgrade!? Hrmmm perhaps I should be more difficult in my day-to-day life. Since I was not expecting a room like this I was slightly overwhelmed by all the space and felt it should not go to waste. I actually made an effort to prepare my (takeout) food in the kitchenette, read and watch tv in the livingroom, blog on the desk and sleep in the bedroom. Success!

One amazing part of this particular trip was the weather in Ottawa - sunny, hot and beautiful - I took advantage by going for long walks whenever I had some free time. In truth these walks were slightly longer than intended on a count of my poor sense of direction - it may have taken me an hour-plus to return to my hotel during which I may have walked myself into a pretty sketchy neighbourhood... but no bigs. I got out alright.

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  1. It's kind of funny seeing pictures that another blogger took of the places I see every day, lol!

    I love your outfits though, the dress is so gorgeous :)

    Hope you enjoyed yourself!



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