Thursday, June 2

A Look Inside: My Closet

Business trip + trade show + extreme heat + poor sense of direction = a sleepy lazy girl. It also makes a perfect opportunity for me to share a look inside my closet with you and I am sure you are beyond excited to come along for the tour. Cannot say what inspired me to do this - could be the pretty shoe wall, to rub my random-walk-in-closet in your face or the fact that I heart this font (when used in moderation ONLY)

...pssst. it's definitely the font 

Left Side: my shirts, sweaters and cardigans followed by my dresses and slacks with my bags underneath
Right side: my blouses and button-ups with my belts & tights to the side. Below - my jackets and blazers with my skirts underneath Jack's button-ups
Jack's button-ups and his tees
Finally, our shoes at the back with sweaters, jeans, shorts and hoodies to the right and left


  1. Dear Sorren's closet, I'm extremely jealous of your organization, because lately mine is strewn across the floor. <3 Me.

  2. I'm impressed- you wardrobe is so organised!

  3. oh my goodness I looooove your closet. I don't even have a proper closet (just some bars in the hallway). So jealous.

  4. Blerg. Now my closet looks shitty.

    Harumph. Well, I guess this means its time to put all those snazzy new hangers I bought last year to good use! Inspiration! Yay!


  5. wow!! super organized :*)

  6. Wow, you're so organized!

    Folded stuff lasts for like a week in my closet, before I start flipping through it to find something, then it becomes a big giant pile.

    Are those all your shoes? I swore you had more! Where do you store your boots? :)

    I love closet tours!

  7. seriously SALIVATING over your closet! i love how you have a whole hamper for your tights...i need a better organization system for mine. also, it looks like Jack and Boyf dress very similarly, if not identically. furthering my belief that they are freakishly alike.

  8. My mom calls them jammers, too :) And can I borrow every single pair of your shoes? Also Jack's.

  9. @kimmie seriously I have the exact same issue! and then last wweek I was doing some spring cleaning and I realized everything was folded so I snapped pics.. in fairness I should probably show you what it looks like after a few days.

    @rose You should! I'm jealous, I totally want new hangers!

    @elle my tights collection got out of control so i went to walmart and got the bin for $8 - I also have one for my socks, bras and under-roos. this Jack-boyf connection is super bizarre but I like it. Everytime you mention him I see the similarities too!

  10. your closet is so neat! i cannot believe how organized it is (mine constantly looks like a tornado swept through it-- even if I just folded everything).

    dear Sorren:
    please adopt me. i promise to help you fold clothes.


  11. How very neat.
    AND YOU HAVE SPACE between hangers.... wow.

  12. So organized! Wish my closet looked this good!

  13. I am impressed. No wonder you always look so well put together and gorgeous!

  14. SO organized and so much space girl! Jelly!


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