Tuesday, June 21

Like my Hero, Blinky the Ghost

I don't have many heros, in fact I have none. It's not that I don't have people I look up to, I do - I have many. The fact that I don't have a hero resides in my affinity for indecision. Assigning someone the title of "hero" is a hefty task that should not be taken lightly. The person in question must meet a slew of criteria, being the undeniable front runner in each - for anything less would render them unworthy of the title. So, rather than scrutinize all those people whom I would in high regard to the point where they resemble nothing more than a series of disappointments and near misses - I chose no one. Until now. Now I'm on the blinky train, it seems like a good place to be.

Club Monaco bf blazer, shirt and slacks | Smart Set cami | Franco Sarto pumps | necklace bought in Montreal

This outfit started with the pants. Originally I had planned to wear a patterned shirt but then realized I wore a pattern yesterday and had to re-strategize - it made me nervous to think I may use up all the interesting pieces right away. So instead I went neutral. Ideally I would have paired blush shoes and a light pink necklace, however I own neither (and even if I did they aren't a part of my 30) so I chose my black pumps. From the pumps and a need for another layer, the black blazer was born. And that, is the story of my 4th outfit. Don't hold your breath, my next outfit story may not be so riveting.


  1. I looooove that necklaceeee. You're a stunner, girl!

  2. that is such a gorgeous necklace. :) i love the details!

  3. I like this a lot! Perfectly simple and flattering and well-balanced :-)

    Relatable Style

  4. 1. i feel the same way about heros. it's awkward when you're a fifth grader and your teacher asks you to write about your hero and you write about not having one instead (true story)
    2. that necklace is awesome, and totally matches the earing I am currently wearing...

  5. I so want to be your hero right now. Let me be your heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooooooo..is that the wind beneath my wings? Or am I totally botching 80s Bette Midler lyrics? Anyway. I also want your necklace.


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