Thursday, June 16

Let's Get it Started

Today marked the first day of my third 30 for 30 Challenge. Not going to lie I was pretty excited this morning because I was able to pull this together without even opening my eyes - seriously, I trashed my room, and may have stubbed a few toes, getting myself to my closet - but all my items were in a pile so the rest was cake.

James Perse tee | Smart Set sweater vest | Smart Set crop slacks | United Colors of Benetton bag | Alfred Sung flats | Franco Sarto pumps

This is a simple office look - clean, easy, comfy, basically everything you want in office wear ... especially once I kicked off the heels and swapped in my back-up flats about 45 minutes into the day. As much as I love sweater vests - and I do, Kanye circa 2006 and I have that in common - I had forgotten how quickly they bunch and rise. No matter how many times I tugged in down, back up it would go. By the end of the day the sweater vest and I were not on speaking terms but never fear, I have an inkling it will apologize soon.


  1. Oh the sweater vests. A pain in the butt to wear but they look oh so good! And that one my dear looks like a dream on you!!

  2. ...and she's off to a great start!
    Love this look - almost prefer the flats to the heels so great switch, there.
    Also, yellow looks lovely on you.

  3. you started with yellow. you've got me already ;) good luck with th rest of the 30!

  4. WHO CARES if it rises b/c like wow it looks amazing. LOVE this outfit. Wish I had a vest so I could copy it.

  5. Found your blog on Everybody, Everywhere. I love your outfits, esp the yellow sweater vest.
    The necklace is my favorite part of the outfit though, where did you get it?

  6. Adorable vest! Really makes the outfit. Love it!


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