Wednesday, June 29

...and Baby makes 30

Item numero 30.

No, no, no. I am not talking about real babies over here on my end. I am instead referring to this little babe of a shirt that I picked up last weekend from Twisted Muse. I know, I am not supposed to be shopping during the challenge but in honour of Kendi's "make it your own" speech I decided that item number 30 would be one that I bought during the challenge, in honour of the challenge! I know, right? I am too clever.

...and no, of course I'm not making that up just right now since I broke and 
bought that shirt this weekend.
and yes, I know I should have never stepped foot into one of 
my favourite Halifax boutiques during a 30 day shopping ban, 
but I did
so what's it to ya?

Club Monaco blazer | Jack by BB Dakota shirt | Club Monaco slacks | Franco Sarto pumps | Nine West bag

What to say about this shirt? Well, it has changed my life for one. Seriously, I bought it Friday, then on Saturday I bought some deck shoes and by Sunday I owned a boat. Now I'm sailing away to some sort of island (geography was never my strong point) that is warm and large. Along the way, to pass time, I will learn an instrument, write music and record a cd, just like Tennis. It will be magical, I cannot wait. Listen for me soon on SiriusXM U.

Oh, and the blazer I wore yesterday was not in my 30 
but I barely wore it 
and the blazer that was, needed cleaning. 
Aren't you happy I cleaned it? I sure am.


  1. Sorren! You freaked me out. Visions of our one day meet up including all the wine/beer and vodka we can stand were suddenly floating away.

  2. I think the striped shirt is a perfect final piece to add to your 30 -- striped shirts pretty much go with everything!

  3. haha you are hilarious. We can still have a wonderful time with our friends wine & vodka, however beer and I are not friends anymore, he gives me 3 day tummy aches and hives.

    oh now i want to hang out, like tomorrow.

  4. why thank you! I totally agree, I'm slightly obsessed with striped shirts.

  5. I really like this outfit! Very professional.

  6. yay for stripes! awesome last addition ;)


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