Monday, May 9

Raise your hand if it's your BIRTHDAY!

Today it is my birthday.
I am turning 27. It's no a big deal.
Jack and I are going to brunch at the Coastal
and it's not the weekend so there will be room for us to sit
and it will be wonderful 
and delicious.

I may get the Lemon-Ricotta stuffed french toast.

Other activities will include:
presents, long sunny walks, lazin' about,
more presents, naps, movie-watching, dance parties
and birthday cake.

We also may have teppanyaki at Hamachi House for dinner.
The best days are the ones that centre food
and people you love

...but mostly food.

Oh, and hey, don't forget to enter my giveaway!


  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day. You look adorable as always and not a day older! xo

  2. YAY! Happy Birthday young lady! Love that pic up there :) I'm totally jealous of that French toast but I may hold a solo dance party over here in your honor.

  3. happy birthday! i turn 27 in the fall, so you'll have to let me what it's like!

  4. Happy 27th Sorren! Lemon Ricotta french toast? Oh mah gah...

  5. Happy Birthday!! That french toast sounds amazingggg. Enjoy all that yummy food!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes! and for the record, the lemon ricotta pancakes WERE amazing.

    @monkeyface I would be SUPER flattered if you had a dance party in my honour. In fact, I may have a dance party right now in honour of your dance party!

  7. Happy Day Sorren!

    I'm totaling going to blame you for the 5lbs I gain from making and devouring lemon-ricotta french toast next weekend.

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you got that lemon ricotta french toast. Sounds delish. I think I'm going to use your birthday as an excuse to eat a chocolate croissant, to celebrate you!


  9. happy birthday, my dear! you and i are the same age for a few months! :)


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