Wednesday, April 6


Today was Chef's for UNICEF in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I spend all year looking forward to this event - it is my all time favourite. It is like Christmas for my tummy. It also offers the same food induced hangover as Christmas can but I'm not going to worry about that just yet, I'll let future Sorren deal with that one.

Chef's for UNICEF is a fantastic event that allows you to stuff your face with dishes from across the world while raising money for various causes ranging from Malaria nets to water purification tablets to school kits - it changes each year. Nothing beats stuffing for face for a good cause because when you're cursing yourself the next morning for eating too much, at least you known it wasn't in vain.

Ruby and I before Chef's when our dresses weren't torturing our ribs


  1. You girls look amazing in your flouncy florals but I got to admit, I would prolly go shapeless sheath for an event like the one you described! Mmmm food. Grrr belted waist. ;)

  2. How was the food? You look adorable- belts are a good way to disguise a full tummy =]

  3. Oh I know, I lurv this dress. and belts are the best way to keep it all hidden.


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