Sunday, April 10

I HEART boyfriend

Saturdays are for eating delicious food, sleeping in and running fun errands, like going to the market or shopping. Jack and I squeezed all these things into our morning and then did all the not-fun errands, like cleaning our apartment and packing, before going to the Pixies show that night. The Pixies were fantastic and are totally my kind of people; Kim Deal closed out the show by saying goodnight and that she'd be going straight to sleep - ME TOO!!

United Colours of Benetton leather jacket, GAP shirt, c'est moi scarf,
Rich&Skinny boyfriend jeans, Alfred Sung flats

Boyfriend jean weather? Don't mind if I do. When this style first became popular I didn't hesitate the way I usually do with a new trend - I picked it up within 6 months rather than a year plus. They way I figure it, boyfriend jeans may become tiresome but weekend jeans never will. I searched low and high before finding these ones. I love them the most because there is very little distressing - but there is some there, the fit is comfortable and the wash is dark. I haven't graduated to pairing these with heels, but I think they wouldn't disappoint if I did.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the Pixies show! I love how you styled the jeans here - I've never tried it but I love how it looks on others!

  2. Yeah, you're definitely making me want a little boyfriend [jeans] action in my life. They look fantastic with flats, and I'll admit I got a little excited when you mentioned heels b/c I can totally see the potential..

  3. I saw the Pixies with my bf in NYC in 2009! They were fantastic, and the show was so much fun. My bf has a total crush on Kim Deal, and I think that's A-Ok, cuz she's a pretty rad chick.

    Love those boyfriend jeans too.

  4. Thanks guys!!

    @monkeyface you should totally grab a pair. At the beginning I was apprehensive of them and kept fussing over the cuffs and silly things like that. But now, I just throw them on and live in them for days, lopsided cuffs and all.

    @caro you're too funny, and Kim is completely awesome. My bf hearts feist but shes a pretty cool girl too, so it's alright


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