Wednesday, April 27

Everyday is Black Tie Optional

First I would like to say a big WELCOME to all my recent new followers, and a huge THANK YOU to all my long-time friends. Seriously, I am completely flattered that you guys stick around. So sit back, relax and say hi when it strikes your fancy.

Today I was seriously longing for the warmer weather I missed out on this past weekend due to my stuffy nose and itchy eyes. So, since I am in a pump slump and just can't seem to put anything but flats on my feet, I dressed in my comfiest dress pants and gave up any desire of outfit photos. Instead, and in honour of the sunnier weather, here is a little somethin' somethin' I threw together pre-contamination. I promise I saved you a whole lotta boredom by keeping today's outfit to myself.

Pink Martini cardigan, Smart Set tank, Olivia belt, Club Monaco skirt, Hue tights, Locale brogues

Surprise surprise, it's my new shoes and my favourite tights, accompanied byyy that cardigan you saw yesterday. I promise you I have not tossed all my other clothes in the garbage in favour of my wearing my shiny new items day-in, day-out; I am just a little in lust. I have been hiding this skirt from you all winter, waiting for the perfect moment for it's unveiling. I even brought it to Montreal hoping for the perfect weather and backdrop for it's reveal. I imagined wearing it with my Nine West booties for dinner and drinks but it literally rained on my parade, and I wasn't willing to sacrifice the booties.


  1. office quote? you look beautiful :)

  2. Gah, I am loving these final Michael episodes! So emotional though haha.

    The purple skirt is so pretty! and yay for sunshine!

  3. I literally reread your post 3 times because I was so annoyed I didn't spot the office quote and then I actually read the Title Post once and realized what I'd missed.

    You totally fooled me with this outfit, I thought the weather must have warmed for you and then I saw the tights. Clever girl! Oh wait, is it terrible that because I'm used to how white my legs are I could mistake someone's white tights for skin?

  4. Loving the new oxfords!!! :) And the color of your new skirt is fantastic!!

    Can I has your belt please? Seriously. I want it.

    AND. Am I considered a "long-time" friend? yeah? :)

  5. i love the purple skirt! i have one too and now I have some great inspiration for how to wear it. also, ZOMG EYE LUV DES BROGUES. so amazing. isn't it the best feeling ever when you find the perfect item you've been searching for forever?

  6. Love the color and shape of your skirt, it looks so great with that belt!

  7. @kimmie you are SO considered a long-time friend!

    @emily too funny about the quote. I couldn't think up titles last week so I just kept using quotes instead, quotes that had nothing to do with anything in my posts. kind of confusing.

    @elle you're hilarious. I love when you say ZOMG and boyf. and you are right. It feels fantastic when you find that perfect item.

  8. office quote? you look beautiful :)


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