Thursday, April 28

Desire: Spotted Moth Edition

I just don't know which bag I like best, or which dress colour. Rough life

Last night I took some time and went through the Spotted Moth site. Although I sure many of you already realize it's existence I have only recently stumbled upon it. For the most part I tend to stay away from small online boutiques because I'm often met with disappointment when I finally track down the shipping policy and find all those items I took so long gathering in my cart cannot be shipped Canada. Spotted Moth however doesn't exclude us Canucks from their ever-so-stylish club, needless to say this could become a very dangerous discovery.

loves -
Top, left to right: Bastion Bag in Lavendar   Cambridge Carryall Bag   Charleston Satchel
Bottom, Left to Right: Rosemary Dress in Floral   Lovely in Lace Dress in purple? teal? stone?


  1. I love spotted moth! Your choices are great. Love the left dress and the far right bag especially!!!


  2. Lovely taste, Miss Sorren! I featured that satchel when I was dreaming of post-remix shopping: It's sold out on Modcloth, so I'm glad you found it on Spotted Moth and for cheaper! I think I'll need to buy it now...

  3. @caro I don't know why I didn't think it would be on multiple sites! I definitely want to grab it, I'm so in love with and my birthday is coming up...

    @anja that dress IS amazing! I must figure out a way to get it. I spent SO much of my clothing budget on my trip.

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