Wednesday, March 23


Don't flat iron while sleepy. Vision is blurred, motor skills are nill, distances become misjudged - ears get caught up in the chaos. Classic case of wrong place, wrong time but what's an ear to do? No place to run or hide, hangin' out, mindin' his own business. Lefty saw it comin' and he just had to sit there and take it. Tragic.

On the upside, Jack says my lobe has never been flatter or looked more stylish. Watch out righty, I have a penchant for the symmetrical.

MEXX cardigan, GAP tee, BCBG skirt, Hue tights, Franco Sarto flats/heels

Once again, I'm caught up in wishes of warmer weather with the reality of March on the East Coast. I got this tee from the GAP last weekend and the colour is my new favourite. The fabric, cut and detailing are sure to make this a springtime go-to! 

I may have got a little caught up this morning pairing it with different items in my work wardrobe, inevitably resulting in my being late for work. You can see here the cardigan/no cardigan, and the heels/lazy-switch-to-flats, results. I am already excited to wear it with my Club Monaco pin skirt and blazer, but I thought that gem would be best saved for a when I had to wear a suit.


  1. This outfit looks so chic! I completely agree! I got all of my spring items out of hiding and was surprised with snow today. Living in the Northeast can be exhausting on my seasonal fashion :) Also, I love the new blog design. It looks fantastic!

  2. i hope your ear is okay!! that flat iron is a wicked, wicked weapon at times.


  3. NIIIIICE. K you just brought out the Borat in me, don't ask. But the top is incredible on you.

    I have giant ears. (Shh, don't tell!) Seriously like Obama ears (you Canadians know who that is, right?). So yeah curling/flat ironing is a risk I take every day and I'm so sorry you took one for the team :/

  4. Ouch I hope your ear is ok! Its never fun when irons attack! Hopefully it decides to use its powers for good rather than evil in the future.

    Love the colour of your top.

  5. That color looks great on you! Sorry to hear about your ear lol

  6. Oh ye, monkey, we canadians know about obama and his ears. I think we also wish we had an obama, we totally covet your ear-bama


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