Sunday, March 27

Weekend Wars

So, what are a guy and gal to do when they wake up Saturday morning after a nut-so week? Well, this pair put on some stylish duds, and headed across the bridge in search of a new cut, good eats and some fresh spring pieces.

First stop - Jack got his hair did. It was about time, I had started to think I was dating some sort of werewolf. Afterwards we noticed some arrows on the sidewalk, so like all super smart people we followed them without question right to Dresden Row Markets where there was a fundraising bizarre for Japan. After a purchasing a set of amazing plates (6) we got down to business, made our donation and dug into the Korean BBQ, kimchi, mee grob and everything else we could get our hands on.

This past week I realized something awful - I hate everything in my closet. I recognize that I'm probably just frustrated with the between-season dance that has been plaguing my life, however I have a fever and the only prescription is Sweet Pea and Twisted Muse. What can I say? Joey just gets me.
  1. C'est Moi scarf - Biscuit General Store
  2. C'est Moi scarf - Biscuit General Store
  3. 2Two shorts - Twisted Muse Boutique
  4. Pink Martini Lacey Cardigan - Twisted Muse Boutique
  5. Tulips from Jack
  6. New plate set 
I also saw a pair of mia melon crop pants that I want desperately but my size was gone, how rude is that?! Looks like I've got a new mission...

Welcome to my late night addiction - Willy's poutine. A must after a night out.

We ended our lovely Saturday with a delicious dinner, drinks with a friend, a Dog Day show at the Khyber Club and a poutine. Cheesy, loud perfection.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh man, I love Korean BBQ!
    My weekend was also food-filled. I seriously lacked in good old fashioned productivity, but overall my tummy was very pleased.

    Also, I'm swooning over those shorts. So cute!!

  2. I hate everything in my closet too right now!
    Looks like a lovely Saturday and great finds.

  3. I actually feel a little annoyed at my boyfriend for introducting me to Poutine. Now I'm never happy with just a plain ol' fry.

  4. Oh no, Emily, that's totally a good thing. My reasoning is that fries are super bad for you without anything on them you might as well include additional bad things to make the french fries REALLY REALLY worth it.

  5. Mmmm....a date of good food, shopping, and a good cause? Fantastic!
    (I gave up fries for Lent once - and I'm in no way Catholic - because I was eating them WAY to often. It was the hardest thing I've ever given up!)

  6. haha Linda, I kind of had the opposite situation with fries. I realized I didn't like them at all once I moved to the East Coast from Quebec and poutines were less prevalent, so I stopped eating them for a bunch of years. THENNN I realized I could put cajun spice on them and started eating them a bit more THENNN Willy's and it's poutine came to town and it all went downhill from there.

    holy poutine-themed tangent

    there I said it...


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