Wednesday, March 2


In honour of our mutual love of UP!, Jack and I attempted to make our house float away to some beautiful, and adventurous, locale. The only trouble is it was pretty darn cold out this weekend so neither one of us wanted to go inside; instead we attached the balloons indoors - it didn't quite work the way we had hoped.

Actually, today was my Dad's 50th birthday! (Happy Birthday Dad! - even though you don't read this and I would find it awkward if you did). Since he nixed the party in favour of a weekend away, we wanted to do something special that would feel like a party. So, last night Jack, my sister and I all decorated my apartment with a TON of balloons and ribbon, made a birthday sign and surprised him after dinner with a cake stuffed with sparklers ! It was fun, and the balloons made for a great backdrop - maybe I should do this weekly...

I've been wanting to style this shirt with this dress since I styled this shirt and this dress during Kimmie's and my blog swap. The result? Not as exciting as I had imagined. I think the look would have worked better if I had used my burgundy tights instead, or if I managed to get my hands on some mustard yellow ones - which I have yet to do, but am still lusting over. I just found the double dose of black to be a little lack-luster. I think the addition of a bold-coloured belt would helped break-it-up, but I don't have one. I attempted to break-it-up by including patterned tights but it didn't accomplish what I hoped AND I found the double swirls to be a little much. For dinner I traded in the james perse shirt for my purple RW&Co and the addition of the colour helped a bunch. I unfortunately do not have a picture, it may have been a little awkward to whip out the camera for an outfit shoot mid-birthday celebration! 


  1. Sorrrreeeen I am so jealous of your amazing balloons in your LOVELY apartment! It reminds me of living on Argyle St. Oh Halifax, I miss you.

  2. What a great idea! I love Up! too...the first time I saw it, I was balling by the second scene.
    You look beautiful, lovely look on you.

  3. I love all those balloons! How fun.

  4. i love that top and that dress! the swirls are lovely, but i agree that some color on the bottom half would do great things. and not just because we all know about my crazy addiction to colored tights :)

    one thing i will say is that those balloon? look AMAZING!

  5. So many balloons! So many colors! I'm in love. And I also love how you did black & gray amongst all the colors...great contrast.

  6. It does make a great background. Great photos!


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