Monday, March 7

A Reflection on 30for30 "Winter Stylins"

I have now completed my second 30x30 Remix Challenge, hosted by, Kendi of Kendi Everyday - as all of you already know, however, props where props is deserved. 
My first 30x30 Remix Challenge: Fall Edition went relatively smoothly. I threw together outfit after outfit with relative ease and was continually pleased with the results and my new-found bravery of wearing previously shunned prints and colours. I hadn't admitted this before, but I failed miserably when it came to the "no shopping rule" - too many amazing pre-christmas sales! I can't turn down 50% off only to pay 100% once the Challenge is over, now can I!? thought so… 
The Winter Edition has been quite a different story. Since fall and winter are basically the same amounts of freezing, the items I chose for the Fall Edition overlapped my winter wardrobe which limited the pieces I could choose from for the Winter Edition. When I participate in the Challenge I attempt to remix my pieces for office-wear, casual-wear and even night-wear (sometimes a bit of a stretch for each), which means there are certain staples I can't live without; namely, bf blazer, skinny jeans, black pencil skirts and a few others. Even still, it was important to me that at least 75% of my items in this challenge not have been previously remixed. I set this goal for myself so I could keep it interesting for you guys, and explore my closet further, allowing myself to become comfortable with more of my pieces. Although this was a great idea, it resulted in me choosing too many neutrals (as most patterns & colours were used last round), and a bunch of very similar, slightly-boring outfits. On the plus side, I did NOT shop! solo five! Okay, I shopped once… but it was during outfit 26 and I used a gift card, so it toats does not count.
I have decided that I am going to definitely participate in both the Spring, and Summer 30for30 Challenges. I'm really excited to see how much better I can get at remixing my wardrobe and think it would be fun to do all the season's remixes in one year… so hopefully seeing me mix n' match my closet doesn't get dull, I'll try and keep it interesting. 

Quick and dirty what I've learnt:
- I love discovering new ways to wear old favourites. It's so satisfying to put something on you thought you were SO over, only to find out you've styled it a completely new way that makes it SO current.
- I depend on colour and prints a lot more than I ever imagined, or admitted. I've spent so many years clinging to my neutrals and scared of prints that I was under the impression that was still my crutch. While I am definitely a lover of greys and the monochrome, I almost felt heart-broken to not be able to play with my colours and patterns.
- I have a working wardrobe. This challenge was tough because of all the neutrals I included and all the fun I excluded, however once I got over my hump I was good to go. Being able to groggily throw together an outfit that works, only choosing from 30 items, is a good sign your wardrobe makes sense. Who knows though.. spring and summer will be the real deciders.
- I only remixed 29! What?! eff. I totally forgot about that wild card. 
- I could have remixed another 6, easy. Once you get into the swing of things it becomes easier to work with what you've got. I was hit with some inspiration one night around outfit 18 and wrote down ideas (something I rarely do) for how I could remix my remaining items - I still have a few I didn't get to, maybe I'll mark them if I work them in the next two weeks.
- When choosing remix items pile on favourites, and go-tos, while tossing it a couple head-scratchers. You don't want to be stuck remixing a bunch of items you aren't comfortable wearing - if I had done this I would have quit instantly. Don't be ashamed of relying on favourites, just make sure to include a few items that usually get left out to 1) learn how well you can work them into your rotation or 2) realize they got to go, because they don't work for you whatever reason.
- My favourites are 2, 7, 12, 23, 24, 26 (i think) - what are yours?


  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge! My fave three are 2,6 and 27 :) x

  2. What? you never threw in your wildcard? I'm impressed! :)

    My favorites are 1, 2, 3, 4, ... up to 30. :) Seriously, not a single outfit I don't like.

  3. Congrats on the remix! You know how to rock the neutrals :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. 10 for pants, 24 for skirt.

    You did beautifully!

  5. oh, wait and 7 too!

    There are just too many good ones!

  6. You are a pro remixer. Love love them all.


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