Tuesday, March 15

Fifteen Facts

You may or may not have noticed that I have been slack with my outfit posts since last Thursday... although if you didn't notice I wouldn't blame you, since I've been kind of lazy for the last few weeks. As I've said before, I would rather be blogging but have been quite busy lately (so not my choice). Then, this weekend, it all caught up with me and I got awfully sick. Well first, Jack and I helped our friends, Adam & Amelia, move into their brand new home - Congratulations guys! Then we went home, napped, found I had a small fever and napped some more. Saturday night, we went to see Cedar Rapids which was awesome, and Isiah Whitlock Jr.'s Omar impression made me want to watch the Wire all over again - for the third time. Sunday morning I woke up feeling better and was Jack's Production Assistant for the day while he filmed the Farmer's Market of Nova Scotia Biosolids - Soil Conference. Luckily for me, the chills didn't hit until after we finished. Unluckily for me, I thought I could beat the fever by pretending it didn't exist - turns out, not an actual cure. 

So, since Sunday afternoon I have been splitting my time between the couch and the bed. Changing from hoodies and sweats to tees and shorts, definitely not showering and only eating applesauce, apple juice and toast. Finally, after experiencing blog-withdrawl for the third day, I realized now was a perfect time to complete the fifteen facts about myself the Kristen, of Honestly Kristen, tagged me in a few days ago.

Embarrassing photos to accompany my embarrassing facts - plenty more where this came from

1. I dance like I was in Step Up 2: The Streets, when no one's looking, and I mean no one - not even Jack.

2. Gun violence freaks me out. I've never experienced anything that would make me exceptionally scared of it, but I am. I've even identified certain parts of Halifax that I deem to be "great drive-by" locations and get nervous when I go near them at night. What can I say? I'm a planner.

3. I sing like I have a record deal, when no one can hear. Although I did let Jack hear, last year when we road-tripped it to Montreal for Osheaga; then I remembered why I usually only belted it in private.

4. I hate the smell of chocolate. I love the taste of it but hate the smell, especially if it's been out for a while and ESPECIALLY if it's chocolate ice cream. Don't know why, it just bothers me.

5. I, like Kimmie, cry easily at movies... and during commercials, or tv shows. What gets to me more than anything is lonely, old men - you can imagine how fun it was to sit next to me during UP. Oh, and that pre-movie about the outcast cloud? yeahhh, cried during the whole thing; clouds are so rude!

6. I am beyond clumsy. I continuously walk into walls, counters and small items (including children) on a regular basis. For instance, in grade 8, I rode my bike into both a parked car, and a telephone pole - in the same day. Needless to say I do not pursue recreational cycling. 

7. I cannot handle horror movies. I used to love them; used to be one of my favourite things to do. Ever since I saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in first year, I have been unable to see a scary movie without needing to sleep with a little on for a week following. Also, if I even hear a chainsaw I stiffen up, my eyes dart around searching for where it may be, and then I completely change my plans to avoid it.

8. I never recognize anyone. This began in junior high when I stopped wearing my glasses. I would try to remember people's walks and outfits so I could recognize them but it only ever worked half of the time and I usually ended up accidentally snubbing my friends. Now, if someone I don't recognize waves at me I always wave back in case I know - usually I don't, usually there's someone standing behind me that they're actually waving at.

9. I slept with my teddy bear, Chattery, until 2nd year. no bigs. I just liked ol' Chattery (I couldn't pronounce Charity when I was little, and since he was a Charity bear he got named Chattery.) keeping me comfy and cozy, and being my third pillow.

10. I once fell down the stairs at work and when someone ran out to check if I was okay I was so embarrassed I pretended I hadn't - they totally believed me (you can't see me, but I am shaking my head no. no they did not believe me.)

11. I trust people, too much. Jack and I went to a concert once and this man out front was yelling "tickets, tickets" I tried to give him mine. I thought he was tearing the tickets. Not so much. He was a scalper. 

12. I can eat a lot. I once ate two big macs in one sitting; it was delicious. Another time, I ate the following during one 8 hour shift: cupcake, oatcake, slice pizza, chicken sandwich, brie and veg baguette, scone and smoothie. I realized after this that I should make sure to mainly eat when hungry, not when things taste delicious - because things always taste delicious.

13. My grade 8 idea of cool was a matching track suit, paired with boys bball high tops. Yeah, I know what you're thinking - all the boys did want to date me (again, shaking my head no. sad life.)

14. I tuck in people's tags. Friends, family, strangers in the grocery store; you've got a tag sticking out, I will help you. Although I suppose "help" is subjective in this case, perhaps "startle" is more fitting.

15. I like to eavesdrop. As does everyone, seriously, don't lie to yourself; you know you do too. However, on numerous occasions I have been so wrapped up in a story that I burst out laughing at the funny parts causing my cover to be blown. I need to learn to stop doing this, or at least become a little more sly about it.

As I think this particular chain has been passed around a bit, instead of tagging this time I'm asking anyone who has something embarrassing they need to get off their chest to post about it, or leave me a comment with it!


  1. Oh I love these!! For some reason, I can totally picture an 8th grade you in a track suit and basketball shoes.

    and Step up 2 was not half as good as step up 1.

    I used to be able to eat a ton, but I think my metabolism has finally caught up to me. :(

  2. Oh, get better soon!
    I'm on a kind of outfit post overdose so have also gone back to posting other things (that, and I've been wearing wellies for 3 days straight!) - it's always fun to read more about someone so thanks for sharing your embarrassing stories.

  3. Love these kinds of posts! I'm a total klutz myself--I've broken all my toes just running into stuff. Right now I have like three bruises and a knot on my leg.

  4. Oh, get better soon!
    I'm on a kind of outfit post overdose so have also gone back to posting other things (that, and I've been wearing wellies for 3 days straight!) - it's always fun to read more about someone so thanks for sharing your embarrassing stories.


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