Thursday, February 3


This morning I woke up and got ready for work, like you do. I even got up early because,  although Jack and I cleared the car last night, I knew how much more it could have snowed and therefore was ready to do battle with my car. Sure enough, another mound of snow was plunked right atop the car, just waiting to cause trouble. The shocker? It didn't even matter because our lot wasn't plowed. Seriously?! Maybe I'm being a little silly because it was an intense snow last night, however when a plow service is factored into your rent you at least want to be able to get to work on time! I was snowed in until 10, which made the day go by super fast, which was super fantastic, but that's not the point. sheesh. 

Hey, looks like I just had my first blog rant! How was it? Was it strange? It felt strange to me. Now it feels awkward, soooo awkward...

Ben Sherman cardigan, Smart Set tee, Club Monaco skirt, Hue tights, Steve Madden boots, William Tell Me About OPI nails, necklace from Peep Show

This cardigan has always baffled me. I bought it on a trip to Edmonton for $25 off the sale rack, a great buy considering my affinity for Ben Sherman. Even though I love the pattern, the fabric and the black trim, it fits slightly awkward - as in baggy in random places. And so, I've let it sit on my shelf, in my closet only taking it out a handful of times each year. Until now. When I put it in my remix items. I am excited to see what comes of this. We're already off to a great start because although I may be up to my old, monochromatic games, I have never combined all these pieces into an outfit, and I'm totally into it. 

I love how my grey diamond tights and green necklace lighten up the outfit. And yes, I wore my green necklace again so soon. I didn't mean too, but it was just perfect. I'm going to have to find another great, colourful wooden necklace so I don't make this one redundant. I chose boots for today because, well come on, look to my left - all that snow dropped in about 36 hours.


  1. I LOVE THE GREEN ACCENT ON THE monocrhome outfit. you look lovely!!! and not freezing despite the snow.

    feel free to rant. it's always cathartic to type that out ;) hope your upcoming weekend is good!

  2. baggy? where?

    you look fabulous :)

  3. The layout of this post is awesome! And boy does that look cold!

  4. i miss that sweater. gimmie :)
    and i found that its supposed to hang in some places - just think of 40s glam dresses, and thats how it hangs :) (you know, slighlty breezy sleeve tight cuff etcetc)

  5. I like that sweater! It's classic but different at the same time. I like.

    And a plow service? That whole concept is totally foreign (and fascinating) to me. Oh, this post makes me so glad I do not live in the snow.

  6. I LOVE this outfit! Your picks for the 30 rock! I'm excited to remix with you :)

  7. Yeah I think it creates a super long, lean shape with the pencil skirt! And CONGRATULATIONS on your first blog rant but sorry bout the snow prob :/

  8. I so love this outfit. You look fantastic and every piece is perfect. Love your tights, cardi and necklace. Stay warm.

  9. Dude, I LOVE that sweater! I think it might be one of those things that feels a bit 'off' on you - but none of us can see it. It looks like it fits you perfectly!

  10. I have to say, one of the best things about the 30for30 how you find new life in your pieces through everyone's positive feedback - thank you guys so much! and I hope i do the same for you!

    kirima - i was wondering if you were yearning for my cardi. when i lent it to you i knew i needed it at the end of the semester for my winter remix, maybe you can have it again in the springtime!


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