Sunday, February 13


Once in a while a gal has gotta do a little something for her guy; something that may make her feel a little silly but can be a bunch of fun all the same. For me, this came in the form of a RayBan photo shoot before we went to our friend's show Friday night. It was actually a lot of fun - the show and the RayBan thing. We decided that if I practice a little harder I could maybe become as cool as Alexis Krauss, of Sleigh Bells. Then, Jack and I could start a boyfriend/girlfriend noise pop, rockband - it would be awesome, you would totally love us, I already have the album art.

Club Monaco blazer, Smart Set white tee, Rich&Skinny jeans, Nine West booties, F21 bling

This is one of my favourite ways to style my classic, black, boyfriend blazer; white tee, blue jeans and booties - pumps, in the warmer months. I doubled up on my tees this time, just because it's so cold out; it didn't do much but I liked how the white was that much more opaque. This is also a very easy look to dress down, I just trade in the heels for flat boots or flats and pair it with a more relaxed necklace. There isn't much to this outfit but that's what I love most about it; it's clean, simple and sharp.

And now, this is how Jack and I would look in a band. You can just tell, from the pictures, how great we would be at singing and slapping bass and stuff.

Our friend, Layton, took these for us. Jack came up with the band name, I created the cover.


  1. Ha I love the band photoshoot of you and Jack. So fun!

    Loooove the simple styling of this blazer. Very chic.

  2. you are too funny! you look rad with the raybans and your outfit! so rocker chic!

    love your album cover too haha


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