Monday, February 28


If you're like me you stayed up farrr too late last night caught up in the oscars and then dragged yourself through the work day, wising it was still Sunday... errr, make that Saturday - wait, Friday night? Yes. Friday night. No worries, we're close guys... only 4 more days, although we're so close to Tuesday we might as well count it at 3. Perfect.

MAK cardigan, H&M breton, BCBG skirt, Hue tights, Jones of New York shoes, American Apparel belt

For today's outfit I grabbed inspiration from Linda and Liz's, Everybody, Everywear: Breton Stripe Challenge. Before participating in this challenge I had thought that the only way I could wear my stripes would be in a casual setting. However, so many girls did SUCH great jobs dressing their's for the office that I could not wait to give it another try. For this look, I took inspiration from Linley, her pairing of the Breton with the cardigan, and Pretty LIfe Anonymous, her tucking-in of the breton strips into a work-worthy skirt. I'm a big fan of how this turned out, my only wish is that is was warmer and I didn't have to wear tights because it's a little darker on the bottom which throws off the balance of the outfit. While I'm at it, I'm going to wish that my legs were tanned, I could eat 7-layer dip for lunch everyday, and I was independently wealthy... yes, all these things are great wishes, now I just need to find a lamp.


  1. I also spent almost all of the work day today remembering that it was worth it to see the end of the oscars. I adore awards shows, but can we push them back an hour maybe?

  2. Great look on you. Pencil skirts are perfect on you and love how you styled the Breton stripe top.

  3. cute outfit!

  4. Oh I Love this look! Just found your blog and can't wait to look around... Have a great day!

  5. i love those stripes! you manage to make every look work-appropriate. you're like my work-approp muse :)

  6. wow u look stunning. i love this professional look on u. the heels are amazing.

  7. I'm glad you were able to find inspiration from EBEW!! That's the whole goal! You really do look fantastic!
    And, things like Oscar shows are reasons why the West Coast is great. It started at 5 and I was home and in bed at my normal time!

    The Auspicious Life

  8. oo I love this mix of black, brown, and navy! You totally made the stripes office appropriate.

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