Monday, February 21


This past weekend I took a little break from blogging to spend some much needed time with my sweatpants, sweatshirts, movies, couch and Jack (couch and I let him tag along even though we all knew he was a bit of a third wheel). It was great. 

Aside from watching movies and being a grub, I made curtain holdbacks (they aren't fully finished), and helped Jack make some cardboard buildings for a project he's working on.  Mine is the one of the right, I think I'm going to darken the edges around the windows. These fun things took us about 3 hours each, and we've got more to make.

Since I took a vacation day today, and therefore am continuing to take full advantage of being a sloth, there will be no outfit 19 until tomorrow. Instead, here are the Valentine's Day cards Jack and I made for each other - aww, too cute.


  1. ohmygod, those cards are totally the cutest. i love them. you and jack are way too cute. you should come and hang out with me and boyf and we could all be cute and hilarious together.

  2. What LOVEliness! See what I did there!?
    Here's a link to some "house building" on my friend's blog that I think you might like:

  3. hha terra, I totally got the LOVEliness, it took a little while (we both know how slow I can be), but I got there and loved it.

    elle- I totally agree, I think we would all have a blast hanging out, being our hilarious-selves


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