Sunday, February 27

Fantastic Four

Happy Weekend All!! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and are as excited as me, to get back to work tomorrow.... nottt (said a-la-borat). I have taken a few days away from the ol' blog and therefore have a BUNCH of outfits to add to my 30, so let's get to it.

Ben Sherman cardigan, RW&Co shirt, Rock n' Republic jeans, Franco Sarto pumps
I finally kicked out of my comfort zone and away from my brown heels and paired my flats with my RnR's, this past Friday; it was great. I liked how the hemline of the jeans seemed longer with the flats and how comfortable my feet felt allll day longg. I loved the cardigan thrown over the purple - I felt as though it was relaxed and comfortable, but not boring. Great casual day go-to when you just want to pretend you're still lazin' about the house.

MAK cardigan, Katrina Tuttle dress, American Apparel leggings, Steve Madden boots
I hearted this outfit for my Saturday - it was so flexible for a day of errands and appointments. This was pre-haircut, as you can see my bangs have overtaken my eyes but don't worry, I can actually see through the hair and did not hurt myself trying to get around. I have retired this dress from my work-appropriate options and it is quickly becoming a weekend favourite. We'll see how it handles the summer though - it's pretty short and definitely needs the leggings to keep me out of any scandals.

MAK cardigan, black tee, fcuk skirt, Hue tights x2, Club Monaco belt, Steve Madden boots/ Nine West booties
Saturday night I went out with my friend Jenny, for her birthday. We headed downtown for a few drinks and some dinner, scammed a ride in a limo back to Dartmouth and ended the evening at the Corner (a pub). This outfit was great for the evening as it moved nicely from dinner and drinks, to house-party and pub - I even think it could have worked for dancing if necessary! It's a little difficult to see since the pictures are quite dark, but I paired the black tee and skirt with purple tights and my purple cardigan. I had planned on wearing the booties but the streets were icy soooo I ended up with the boots. This was also post-haircut. I got my long locks broken up - inserted some edginess and rock n' roll in there. The bangs are a little short, as is normal when hair is first cut, but I expect them to grow in nicely.


This morning Jack and I went for brunch at Jane's on the Common for his Dad's birthday. I have to admit, there is nothing I love better than putting together a great brunch outfit. I'm not sure what it is about it, Jack's sister called it "brunch chic" and I love it! Today my brunch chic was a little more stiff than romantic, but brunch-y and chic all the same. This outfit also got me through some window, and grocery, shopping, however when I went home to clean my apartment I ditched these diggs and dove for my sweats - true Sunday style.


  1. What great outfits (24 and 22 are my faves) and congrats on being in the final stretch. Yay!

    Love your new haircut, also love it worn in a bun.

  2. Really love outfit 23 and 25! (lol I just realized that they are the total opposite of Alessandra's comment!) x

  3. I love Saturday's outfit and the striped skirt you wear out that night! Also, your hair looks great up, and love the cut.

  4. gah. you are adorable. i love all these! no, seriously. i really do. i kept thinking, "oooh, i LOVE that! my fave!" then i'd see the next one and think, "oooh, i love THAT!" etc. etc. seriously. your big-print dress and the striped skirt and and and...just everything. great style.
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  5. I must get my hands on some of these Katrina Tuttle dresses that you have. They are all AMAZINGGGGG.

    I'm in looooove with all your outfits, Sorren. Seriously. I need to grow a few inches taller so I can come over and borrow your clothes.

  6. Really love outfit 23 and 25! (lol I just realized that they are the total opposite of Alessandra's comment!) x


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