Sunday, February 6

Breton Stripes & High Buns

Jack and I went on another excursion today in search of a headboard. We decided to expand out search a bit and check out some furniture places we'd never gone to before. Funny thing about furniture places, it's easy to tell their employees work off of commission. We walked in and I saw an AMAZING couch. It was a giant white leather sectional that went on for miles. I plunked right down and did not want to move. I could imagine Jack and I lazin on it all weekend long, so comfy and cozy. A sales person came up to us almost immediately and started talking the talk, showing us the features; how each piece could be mixed and matched any which way. We smiled politely and said Actually, we're here for headboards. He kept smiling, we kept smiling. He brought us to the headboard general area, asked for questions and ran off. I can't say I blame him. A sectional vs headboard is a pretty big sale difference, and at least I know that when I return there someday to buy my new found love, he will be waiting, ready to sell his soul for the sale.

H&M breton stripe shirt, Rich&Skinny skinnies, Steve Madden boots

Breton stripes and high buns seemed like the perfect choice for a Saturday of furniture and pastry shopping. It was uncharacteristically warm at a whole 3 degrees (that's 37.4 for you folks to the south), making it a great opportunity for an outdoor photo shoot. This is the first time I've worn my breton stripes after I wore them office-style for the Everybody, Everywear event and I was happy to go casual again. There's something about breton stripes and skinny jeans that just makes me the most happy.

Please forgive the extent to which I am squinting as this much snow makes it difficult to do anything but.


  1. This is a wonderful casual outfit and shows off how positively slender you are. It's great to have pieces that you can dress up or down.
    And poor salesman. He totally thought he was scoring a huge sale...ah well. Next time, right?

    The Auspicious Life

  2. i love your high bun! and those stripes are the best. you look so comfy and relaxed! and furniture stores stress me out, haha. it could be the prices...when i'm not in a thrift store, i get antsy.

  3. Furniture & pastry shopping = my dream Saturday. Jealous! You look so cute, as always.

  4. Your blog is so adorable and I love your style. I'm a fellow remixer- following you now! :)

  5. What a fun weekend outfit--especially love the tan boots with the black leggings. I found your blog through the remix and I'm a big fan of your classic style--can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  6. Oh I just LOVE this outfit. Super simple yet awesomely chic. And your high bun! LOVE.

  7. How are you not freezing??! Haha. Cute outfit, and love the bun!

    <3 Deanna


  8. Love your casual take on Breton stripes. You look adorable, perfect weekend wear.


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