Monday, January 10

Working in Reverse

Recently it has been doing one of two things; snowing or raining. Normally I curse this sort of weather but lately I have been loving it for some reason... my new boots, perhaps? Don't be surprised if you see these guys on repeat for while. Is it against the rule to wear rain boots as regular footwear? Because if it's wrong, I don't want to be right!

MAK cardigan, tuttle dress, American Apparel leggings, belt borrowed from my StopStaring dress, Hunter boots, bracelet gifted (from my brother)

I know what you're thinking; holy moly that is short for the office. If you were thinking that - you would be right but never fear because I actually wore this gem on Saturday. This outfit was incredibly versatile and I think I'm in love with it. I first wore it to a matinee of Country Strong and for some light shopping with Ruby. I didn't have time to change before Jack and I decided to go for out for dinner at MIX, our new favourite restaurant, but the ensemble transitioned just fine. I suppose I wish I could have had fancier footwear but since it was snowy I don't think I stuck out too bad.  

This is the first dress I bought by katrina tuttle, thus beginning my love, and obsession, of the designer. I suppose that means that I've owned this dress for 2+ years, which just goes to show how timeless her designs are. Over this time, I've mixed the dress in a variety of ways, but with new accessories and pieces come new and exciting ways to put a twist on an old favourite. I love how the purple cardigan and grey boots enhance the green from the dress, making it pop.


  1. you were right! we are wearing almost the same outfit today. TWINS! i LOVE the print on that dress, and the color of that cardigan is such a nice, rich navy. of course, the boots are fantastic also.

    when i get to buffalo, i'll definitely be testing whether or not my winter coats are adequate. a snorkle coat may be in my future...

  2. I love your brick wall... Oh and your outfit too haha I kid, I kid xo

  3. I love your brick wall... Oh and your outfit too haha I kid, I kid xo


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