Sunday, January 30

What I wore - this weekend

Plans sure have a way of changing, and changing quickly. On Thursday, when Jack and I left work we had a weekend of being hermits on our horizon, complete with movie watchin', sweat-pants wearin' and errand runnin'. By the time Friday evening rolled around our dance cards were full and our weekend was looking stuffed to the brim with a different kind of fun - the non-hermit, socializing kind. 

Friday night, we met up with our friends, Sara and Jarred, for Sara's birthday and a night of dancing at the Paragon. Saturday night our friends Adam and Amy stopped by our apartment for a few drinks and some good conversation before we all headed to our friend's Christmas 2010's One Month Anniversary Party Halifax-side. Sunday, Jack and I made waffles, ran our errands and watched some movies. All in all it was a great weekend.  

...Now if only I can get my butt in gear and choose my 30! 

fcuk dress, MAK cardigan, Hue tights, American Apparel belt, Steve Madden boots
Taking advantage of my pre-30for30 to throw on an old favourite.

Jack by BB Dakota, Hue tights, Club Monaco belt, Nine West booties
Outfit was inspired by the Christmas-y theme and promise of Motown tunes. I was slightly over dressed, it's cool

American Apparel hoodie dress, American Apparel charcoal leggings, Hue socks, Steve Madden boots
Perfect Sunday outfit and the perfect chance to take advantage of my pre-30for30. Only regret; should have done a high bun rather than ponytail


  1. Saturday was my favorite outfit day for sure... and being overdressed is always cool.

  2. Love Friday's look! You accessorized it so well.

  3. Ooh I love the idea of a hoodie dress!!! Can't wait to see your 30x30 picks. I'm doing it too!

  4. Killer BB Dakota dress! That color is just fantastic on you.

  5. I love all 3 outfits, you look great in all of them.

    Can't wait to see you remix!

  6. all three outfits are fab, but i have a special place in my heart for sunday' make being a bum look chic :)

  7. HAha I love the switch from Sat to Sun :) But seriously you have the BEST going-out little dresses! You look SO HOT Sorren. Seriously. Sorry. It's just the truth.

  8. Thanks guys! and thank YOU, Monkeyface.

    I have to admit the BB dress is not mine, I borrowed it from my friend Ruby, and boy was it worth it - I am in love.


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