Thursday, January 6

Coats and Cookies

Today was a great day; it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means it is basically the weekend. In addition to it simply being Thursday, I got to play AV Club at work and film Pat Strogan's leadership discussion and presentation for our managers. I love the chance to work on anything creative, and honing my videography skills definitely counts. Also, I've always been kind of a sucker for interesting speakers making this a double win!

Halogen blazer, lovelygirl shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Club Monaco belt, Franco Sarto flats, pearls from Jack, pearl bracelets from brother, Soia&Kyo coat

I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post today however Jack and I met for lunch and there was time to snap a few photos. This outfit is somewhat of a repeat which is another reason why I didn't go nutso on tons of pics and angles. I added the purple blazer for warmth, and while you cannot see my shoes, it was another day down for my Franco Sarto flats; I just cannot seem to break out the heels during this, my first week back. I decided this was also a great time for you to meet my wonderful coat that has made every other coat fail in comparison. It has actually inspired me to do a coat post sometime in the future, perhaps I will introduce you to all my coats, I'm sure you would all get along very well.

In sad news, I am failing horrible at my sweet reduction resolution. In exciting and delicious news, Jack and I just baked mouth-watering Chocolate Chunk cookies. Joking aside, I totally am no where near this resolution wagon however I am not going to give up just yet. If, after a month I have not managed one day without sweets we can call it quits, but until then, I believe in myself. Now, in the meantime, I have a date with some melty chocolate...


  1. I'm FREAKING OUT over the coat. I definitely think your coats and I would be BFF's. And I think purple is your color!!

  2. Mmm...those cookies! They look delish.

    And I absolutely love that white coat. I don't live anywhere cold enough to own something like that, but my goodness do I want one!

    PS - send me an email at and I can provide you with some YouTube hair curling videos/tips if you're interested. :)

  3. Love your outfit, such a stylish, smart look. Like your coat too.

  4. My coat thanks you for all the wonderful praise! I've been loving it, especially because this will be its third winter and it's still holding up great!


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