Sunday, January 9

Snowy, Stormy, Sunday

Apparently the snow we had on Friday was nothing, because today we got a whole bunch dumped on us. Now, don't get my wrong; I'm not complaining. This winter has been uncharacteristically easy for Halifax thus far and so I am also still in the honeymoon phase with snow.

Instead of staying all snowed in, Jack and I had a pretty productive day. We began with a great waffle breakfast, followed by a trek out into the snow, and an afternoon of baking and cooking. We even managed a mini photo shoot in the middle of the storm to kick-off my coat showcase. After posting the picture of my white Soia&Kyo coat last Thursday, I thought I would attempt to showcase all my coats. This may take a little since I do not foresee being able to wear some of my lighter coats until the spring.

Bench coat, tuttle&leonardo shirt, Rich&Skinny jeans, Hunter boots, gloves from Biscuit
Ducks at Sullivan's Pond, courtesy of Jack
Yes, we still do this... Well, I did it, but Jack took the picture
Jack, realizing that it isn't so easy to pose in the snow and it's even harder to keep your eyes open

I can't remember what year I bought this coat, but what I do remember is I first saw it during a trip to Newfoundland to visit my friend, Mary. Mary and I had a long discussion as to whether I should take the plunge and buy it immediately - or wait. I was lucky that they didn't have my size, because by the time I got home it was on sale. So a big THANK YOU, to Mary and the girl who got there first; you saved me $60! I take this one out during snowstorms and bad weather because it handles the wet snow great, and the "fur" around the hood actually helps keep the falling snow off my face.

Finally, I feel that I must mention a documentary I watched today; it was fantastic and you should watch it too. Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008), follows Valentino Garavani and Giancario Giammetti during the year leading up to his resignation. Besides offering 96 minutes of amazing couture and locations to lust upon, it is a window into the industry and the evolution of fashion, as a business. I found the most entertaining part of the documentary to be the relationship between Valentino and Garavani. Although the pair tend to bicker like petulant school girls, they have a mutual comfort of an old couple who discovered the world together; endearing. I only hope Jack and I can be that comfortable one day- and rich.


  1. Could you be any more photogenic? I highly doubt it. You look fabulous (as usual). Love that fur trimmed hood. It makes me wish that California got cold enough for me to rock such a thing!

    And I will definitely try to check out that Valentino documentary - sounds fascinating!

  2. you look FAB! i'm with kristen; I don't exactly live in a warm place, but i wish i lived somewhere cold enough to justify an adorable fur-lined hood like that. maybe buffalo will do the trick?

  3. HAha, yeah posing in the bitter cold ain't easy, is it Jack? :) You guys are too cute.

    Love the bench logo on the jacket and what I can see of your hair looks really pretty curled!

  4. You are so cute, even in all your snuggie clothes! LOVE your Hunter boots, if I could justify it, I would so get a pair!

  5. Thanks guys! Luckily, on the way to the duck pond we were walking we the wind at our backs, things were not so pretty once we returned home.

    As for the hunter boots - I justified it by putting them at the tip top of my Christmas wish list... and by living in rainy ol' Halifax!


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